POPcomms: Using PowerPoint’s Morph Transition Effect for Interactive Slide Navigation

Created: Thursday, April 14, 2016, posted by at 4:00 am

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A while ago, we showed you how POPcomms, a presentation design firm based in Bristol, UK used the new Morph transition effect in PowerPoint to create an amazing demo.

To follow up, they have now created a new demo with Morph that uses the transition effect more as an interactive navigation tool. Take a look at this YouTube embed:

I asked POPcomms’ Damjan Haylor: You have used Morph to create a navigation between slides, and also to create a more effective touch experience. What motivated you to use Morph to create something completely different than a regular morph?

Damjan HaylorHere’s Damjan’s answer: In the above video, we have used PowerPoint’s new Morph tool with some of PowerPoint’s other interactive features to show you how you can use Morph to develop more creative tools in your presentations. We developed a credentials presentation using Morph to create an image carousel to show off some of our creative work. You can tap through the images or scroll through the carousel to bring in as many images as you need, interactive navigation then allows you to drill into that image to get further detail.

We have used interactive navigation to move around the pages and used Morph as the transition tool to make for a more fluid and seamless presentation. Using a touchscreen with the presentation makes for a more engaging experience for the audience and invites them to come up to the screen and tap through the content they are interested in allowing them to steer the conversation.

The Morph tool combined with navigation really does take PowerPoint and presentations to another level and allows you to develop more creative features to help you tell a more persuasive story. We’ll be releasing some more video examples in the coming weeks.

POPcomms Morph and Interactivity

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