Free Slide Executive Professional 3.0 for Universities and Non-Profits

Created: Saturday, March 21, 2009, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:06 am

Liber Rodríguez of Novatrox sent me this awesome bit of info that should make universities and non-profit educational institutions very happy indeed. They have decided to give away their amazing slide cataloging and management program for free to them for installation on institutional servers.

“Being able to search the entire University knowledge base of presentations to find individual slides, will save scientists and researchers huge amounts of time”, says Jonas Fernholm, CEO at Novatrox AB.

Free non-profit educational licenses can be obtained from Novatrox AB. Educational institutions may use the [email protected] mail address to initiate contact.

About Slide Executive Professional

Slide Executive Professional enables organizations to store their presentation content in a single slide library, making it available to business professionals and decision-makers throughout the enterprise and through any web browser, from anywhere in the world. Slide Executive provides simple, one-click presentation browsing, advanced slide search functionality, easy assembly of new presentations with approved content, virtual presentations automatically updating to the latest version of each slide and advanced user management functions including audit trail.

For organizations with many presentations, Slide Executive Professional will save lots of time and help improve the quality of their presentations. Slide Executive can also be used as a digital asset management system for the small company since it handles all kinds of documents including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, image files, movies and more.

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