PowerPoint for Court: Conversation with Herbert Rubinstein

PowerPoint for Court: Conversation with Herbert Rubinstein

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Herb Rubinstein

Herb Rubinstein
Herbert Rubinstein has been involved in computer graphics for over 15 years as founder and CEO of ReGraphix, an award winning creative house for graphics and design. The past few years, Mr. Rubinstein has taken his presentation graphics experience and applied it to developing presentation techniques for the Courtroom. He has worked with the FBI, DEA, U.S. Customs Service and other government agencies, as well as many law firms across United States. In this conversation, Herb talks about his book and CD called PowerPoint for Court.

Geetesh: How are presentations created for the courtroom different than your conventional PowerPoint presentations?

Herb: I believe that the main difference would be in style Courtroom Presentations need to be, stylistically speaking, bland. If the judge feels that you are trying to influence a decision by including design elements that are prejudicial, it will not be allowed.

Case in point. A Paralegal for a District Attorney prepared a Cast of Character illustration using the SmartArt feature of PowerPoint. For the background, he used a gray/blue but it had little pinstripes, very subtle, in the background. The judge would not allow it to be presented claiming that the pinstripe design was reminiscent of Prison Clothing and was therefore prejudicial to the client.

When designing for Courtroom display, you need to keep the design clean and devoid of distracting graphic elements.

Another area that is quite different is in the presentation. The show may need to be paused repeatedly because of objections from opposing counsel.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your new book on using PowerPoint in the courtroom.

Herb: The new PowerPoint for Court updated for 2009 has all the screenshots from the latest version of PowerPoint. This e-manual is not meant as a complete PowerPoint bible, it has been designed specifically for the Legal Profession. You can hand this to a staff member and have them up and running creating cutting edge Trial Presentation material in a very short time.

Dealing with audio clips, opening PDFs, proper preparation of images, inserting Flash animations, and how to work with Deposition Video are just a few of the many subjects covered and updated in this latest release.

If you want to continue winning in the courtroom you must utilize the latest court technologies. PowerPoint for Court 2009 will help you and your staff accomplish this.

PowerPoint for Court 2009 is now available as an instant download, as well as on CD and the price has been reduced! Now the CD package is $99 (with free shipping) and the instant download package is $89 with instant access to the Resource page on our website that includes all the resources mentioned in the book.

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