Slide Executive 2.9: Conversation with Liber Rodriguez-Florez

Slide Executive 2.9: Conversation with Liber Rodriguez-Florez

Created: Wednesday, September 30, 2009, posted by at 8:08 am

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Liber RodriguezLiber Rodriguez-Florez works as the Sales Director of Novatrox AB where he is responsible for the technical sales towards international customers. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but is resident in Sweden and holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics. Prior to joining Novatrox AB, Liber worked several years at Relevant Traffic, a highly competitive Search Engine Marketing company, as Technical Director cooperating closely with the Relevant Traffic sales department.

In this discussion, Liber discusses the new 2.9 version of Novatrox’s Slide Executive product.

Geetesh: The new version 2.9 of Slide Executive Desktop includes a convenient search option inside PowerPoint 2007 – can you tell us more about this feature?

Liber: Anyone who has ever tried to find a slide among previous presentations, knows that it is a very time consuming task, if even possible. The Slide Executive Add-In gives you an advanced search tool right at your fingertips from within PowerPoint. This means it is easy for you to find and re-use slides you have made before. Better so, you can add slide(s) right from the search result into your presentation.

Furthermore imagine the possibilities if you are a group of people sharing presentations on a shared drive, i.e. a slide library at your fingertips. Well used this could be a huge boost of productivity for your work group.

Geetesh: What is your other, new favorite feature or improvement in this release?

Liber: Between the search relevancy and the greatly improved indexing speed I will have to choose the greatly improved speed of indexing. You can now index huge amounts of presentations in a relatively short time. In one of our tests Slide Executive Desktop indexed over 100 presentations in 20 minutes. And this was on a 3 year old portable…

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