FILEminimizer Suite: Conversation with Nate Anderson

FILEminimizer Suite: Conversation with Nate Anderson

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Nate Anderson is Senior Product Manager for FILEminimizer solutions at balesio AG, a leading provider of file optimization and compression solutions. He is a software industry veteran and was part of the core development team of the company’s FILEminimizer product line consisting of FILEminimizer Pictures, FILEminimizer Office and FILEminimizer Suite as well as for the enterprise solution FILEminimizer Server.

In this discussion, Nate discusses the new FILEminimizer Suite product.

Geetesh: You combined several of your file optimization technologies to create FILEminimizer Suite, a single product that works with so many common file formats – what convinced you that users wanted a product like this?

Nate: FILEminimizer Suite now offers the possibility of compressing PowerPoint, Word and Excel files as well as images, without the need for zipping, under one comfortable and user-friendly interface. The creation of FILEminimizer Suite was driven by the demand of our happy users of FILEminimizer Office and previous versions. They desired a program which could optimize image files without the need for zipping and without losing any quality. Firstly, we designed FILEminimizer Pictures and soon realized that our big corporate customer base wanted this functionality under one interface because they did not want to manage two applications. So we combined the two functionalities and created FILEminimizer Suite. We feel FILEminimizer Suite is enjoying rapid adoption among users who like the high compression factors without the need to zip the file. In fact, we feel that many users choose our file optimization technology over classic zip algorithms as offered for example by WinZip.

Geetesh: Can you share some scenarios or case studies where users or organizations have made substantial gains by using FILEminimizer Suite.

Nate: Yes, sure. In fact, there are many scenarios where FILEminimizer becomes handy. Look for example at email. Corporate customers often implement restrictions to the usage of email storage and to the size of attachments either by implementing a direct limit to the size of an attachment or by using group limits which takes into account not only the size of the attachment but also the number of recipients. All this to control email storage and network capacity. The end users have problems getting their big PowerPoint presentations across to their colleagues or clients and this is exactly the scenario where FILEminimizer comes into play, especially with the Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes add-ons. While this tool immediately resolves the end user’s frustrations, its benefits are enjoyed as well in the data center of corporations. Our large customers who deployed the software to their user base, such as ABB, Audi, Siemens, GE to name just a few, experience not only tremendous improvements on email storage, bandwidth and network traffic but they also benefit from faster backups of email servers and contained growth of unstructured data on primary storage.

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