VIOSO Presenter: Conversation with Emanuel Züger

VIOSO Presenter: Conversation with Emanuel Züger

Created: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 posted by at 8:00 am

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Emanuel Züger

Emanuel ZügerEmanuel Zügeris one of the founders of VIOSO GmbH and one of the managing directors together with Benjamin Fritsch. VIOSO offers solutions for projections, enabling an easy way to create stunning projections on complex surfaces as well as dealing with common projector issues.

In this conversation, Emanuel discusses VIOSO Presenter, one of the products that VIOSO creates.

Geetesh: Is Vioso Presenter a playlist application that lets you combine PowerPoint presentations and other file formats? Also, what else does it do.

Emanuel: Yes, it is. You can combine images, videos and even PowerPoint slides to one seamless presentation. PowerPoint-slides get converted into still images automatically as long as there is PowerPoint 2007 installed on the system as well.

General speaking, VIOSO Presenter is a presentation and projection solution for all Windows based systems. It combines different features to support every scenario from business presentation to home cinema evening. Everybody knows common problems such as: blank screen; projector remote missing; no audio; distorted image on the wall; no playback of a video; discoloration and so on. For all these all day presentation situations, VIOSO Presenter comes up with a feature. Starting with an easy to handle user interface you don’t need to get used to, you see a dropbox working like a playlist to combine nearly any file you can imagine. Directly from your PC you are able to fit the image via movable control points to the background or simply create an even image with an uneven placed projector. Optimize color and contrast via sliders and view your content in a 3D visual effect with a self made background image. Feel secure and benefit from a trouble-free presentation.

VIOSO Presenter

VIOSO Presenter

Geetesh: You have both a free and Pro version of Vioso Presenter – how do they differ?

Emanuel: Actually we have three versions:

  1. The free version to let people get a feeling for the features. For small presentations, this might even be enough. The playlist is limited to 15 entries, you cannot save your settings and there is a small watermark embedded in the presentation.
  2. You can upgrade from the free version to the full version which does not have these limitations.
  3. VIOSO Presenter Pro is intended for advanced users. It adds a mighty warping engine as well as our patented technology to project on unusual surfaces like brick walls, stepalike surfaces or colored wallpaper. The trick is to use a digital camera (camcorder, industry-camera, high-quality webcam, etc) that is used by the software to scan the surface you want to project on.

VIOSO Presenter

VIOSO Presenter

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about your support infrastructure.

Emanuel: VIOSO currently has a team of 10 people itself and a wide spread partner network to give support in almost any language. Partners are situated not only all over Germany, but also in Europe, Asia and the US. Also the software is self-explanatory and comes in 5 different languages inclusive of an extensive manual. Customers are always welcome to call or send an email which get exhaustive answers free of charge.

Since we are selling software online, the licensing is no problem. Customers receive a license code automatically after ordering that turns any free or demo version into a fully licensed copy at once.

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