KinetiCast: Conversation with David Tyner

KinetiCast: Conversation with David Tyner

Created: Thursday, November 4, 2010 posted by at 9:07 am

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David Tyner

David TynerDavid Tyner is director of sales and partner at KinetiCast Inc. His background is in operations and sales. He has been a perennial president’s club performer and writes the KinetiCast sponsored Sales Salve blog.

In this conversation, David discusses how PowerPoint users can benefit from KinetiCast.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about KinetiCast, and how it is relevant to PowerPoint users?

David: KinetiCast is an online, on-demand multimedia sales presentation tool. It is web based, so there is no software to download or install. These days sales cycles are getting longer and longer as buyers and buying teams have so much at stake and are overwhelmed with information. We base our presentations on PowerPoint. You can upload your PowerPoint into KinetiCast or you can save your PowerPoint as images (PNG’s) and set them as background images. Once your PowerPoint is uploaded, KinetiCast converts it into Flash so your presentation can be emailed as a link and viewed in a web browser. Your presentation can also be enhanced with multimedia elements. With just a couple of clicks, you are able to capture video or audio as well as layer in other multimedia elements. PowerPoint is an amazing way to present information, methodically and effectively. We have even created some PowerPoint templates and offer them for free to our web visitors. However, sending a standalone PowerPoint strips out one of the most important elements – the presenter! We all know, that it is not always possible to be in front of your prospect or customer to present your PowerPoint. Without a presenter there are many problems that may arise. Here is a partial list:

  1. Your slides are open to interpretation, and not always the interpretation you desire.
  2. When PowerPoint is sent as an attachment in email, it can often be too large to make it past the recipient’s mailbox size limitations.
  3. Adding presenter video and audio to a conventional PowerPoint file adds significantly more size to the file, making it impractical and often impossible to email.
  4. If you are able to email your PowerPoint as an attachment, there is no way to know what happens to it. Did they open it? Were they interested? How much time did they spend on each part of the message?
  5. When emailing a PowerPoint, even when saved as PDF, you have no control over where it goes. If it gets forwarded and you have no ability to redact, append or amend content.

KinetiCast solves these problems and many more. We allow you to send your slides as a link, so you maintain 100% control of the content. KinetiCast has built in email capabilities. You send your presentation via email directly to key decision makers and track the progress. KinetiCast sends you an email notification complete with your recipient’s contact information (including a click to dial ready phone number for smart phone users) as soon as your presentation is viewed. KinetiCast can also integrate with CRM systems such as

Geetesh: With so many Web 2.0 sites sprouting up, users get worried if the site they use to share their presentations is going to be there for a long time to come – how do you assure such users and address their

David: KinetiCast is a rock solid organization serving many top sales organizations in the US. KinetiCast came out of beta in early 2008, and has had a stellar track record winning awards such as Laptop magazines Top 50 Web Tools and being named MSNBC’s Your Business Website of the Week. Just to reiterate, KinetiCast is a sales tool. Your multimedia online PowerPoint presentations are not visible to the world; they are only visible to the people with whom you chose to share or send them. They reside in a domain that we create for you within the KinetiCast cloud. You control the content. You can deactivate your presentation in a number of different ways. You can set your presentation to deactivate after a specific number of views, after a certain date or you can at any time, log into KinetiCast and deactivate the presentation manually.

Geetesh, out of respect to your audience here at I would like to offer KinetiCast for 30 days free to your readers (we normally offer 15 days). If they sign for a year, we will provide them a free custom PowerPoint template.

For customers outside of the US, they must email us at [email protected], US based customers can visit the pricing page at to sign up. Be sure to use promo code D9C71 to enable the extended trial of 30 days.

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