SlideRocket's HTML 5 Output: Conversation with Nat Robinson

SlideRocket’s HTML 5 Output: Conversation with Nat Robinson

Created: Thursday, January 6, 2011 posted by at 6:56 am

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Nat Robinson

Nat RobinsonNat Robinson is the VP of Marketing and Business Development for SlideRocket and was SlideRocket’s first employee. He currently manages SlideRocket’s brand, corporate marketing programs and strategic partner programs. He has over 19 years of information technology and marketing experience including a 13 year tenure at Oracle Corporation in a variety of field and corporate marketing roles. Nat holds a BSc. in Information Design from Wellington Polytech in New Zealand where he was born.

In this conversation, Nat discusses SlideRocket’s new HTML 5 output, and why you should be interested in this feature if you use an iPad or another mobile device.

Geetesh: What does SlideRocket’s playback abilities using HTML 5 for the iPad and iPhone signify to mobile audiences out there – can they view any SlideRocket presentation now on their iPad, even without Flash support? Tell us more.

Nat: 2010 saw the introduction of the iPad and it’s rapid adoption by business users, especially mobile information workers who use presentations on a daily basis. eMarketer recently released numbers forecasting a 127% increase in iPad sales and an even greater overall increase in tablet sales through 2012 so clearly this is a market space we want to address. Supporting this is our own SlideRocket 2010 Mobile Survey that told us how often business people present on the go using their mobile devices. One of the most surprising things we found out are the crazy places people conduct business presentations.

With our new HTML5 players for iPad and iPhone, SlideRocket is responding to an increasing demand from business people everywhere to be productive and responsive to their customers’ needs wherever they are. SlideRocket lets you access, share and collaborate on all your presentations from anywhere to deliver engaging communications that deliver measurable results. Now you can share that content on-the-go using your iPad or iPhone and soon Android devices.

SlideRocket HTML5

SlideRocket HTML5

While HTML5 is not yet widely adopted or mature it does provide our users the ability to deliver any of their stunning SlideRocket presentations and take advantage of SlideRocket’s amazing builds, transitions and effects and unique touch-based interactions not available in other mobile-based presentations. You can get more information about SlideRocket’s HTML5 Players for iPad and iPhone on our blog.

Geetesh: Is this ability available to only Pro users, or to free users as well? And would this also mean that people can now move up their PowerPoint content onto a SlideRocket subscription, add SlideRocket extra features, and view it with optimum fidelity on the iPad?

Nat: Anyone with any level of SlideRocket account can create stunning presentations for the iPad and iPhone whether they create it from scratch using SlideRocket’s online authoring tools or import from a PowerPoint file and modify to take advantage of SlideRocket’s unique online features. Publishing to iPad or iPhone is as seamless as sharing your presentation URL with your intended mobile viewers. There are some SlideRocket effects and transitions that are currently not supported in HTML5 but we’ve published support documentation SlideRocket’s Best Practices for HTML5 Presentations on iPad and iPhone to help you get the best results for your HTML5 bound presentations and we’re confident that HTML5 support will improve in time.

We realized that this is a feature everyone would want and decided to make it available to anyone who makes presentations and wants to share them on their iPad or iPhone. Happy New Year everyone! If you don’t have awesome presentations on your iPad or iPhone yet you can sign up for a free account and start making online presentations today.

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