authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0: Conversation with Dinesh Awasthi

authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0: Conversation with Dinesh Awasthi

Created: Friday, July 29, 2011 posted by at 4:30 am

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Dinesh Awasthi

Dinesh AwasthiDinesh Awasthi is Product Manager for In addition to developing the strategic product roadmap and implementation of various features on authorSTREAM, he works with the development team and keeps an eye on user feedback to formulate new releases. Dinesh holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications.

In this conversation, Dinesh discusses authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0, the new version of their presentation upload program.

Geetesh: What does the authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0 product do right inside PowerPoint, and how much does it cost?

Dinesh: authorSTREAM Desktop is a free PowerPoint add-in which helps you create impactful presentations right from within PowerPoint. Creating a presentation with authorSTREAM Desktop is a breeze. You don’t have to go outside of PowerPoint to find the right images or videos for your presentation.

authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0

authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0

With authorSTREAM Desktop, you can:

  • Insert videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly in your slides: Easily search and add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or use URL/ embed code to insert YouTube/ Vimeo videos right into your slides.
  • Search for images from the Web to insert them in slides: With advanced search options (such as image size, copyright attribution, etc.) and support for Bing and Flickr image search engines, you can directly hunt for images from the Web without leaving PowerPoint, and insert them in your slides.
  • Share your presentations directly on Twitter: Share your presentations swiftly and easily on Twitter right from within PowerPoint.
  • Collect images and videos to insert into the slides: Create a collection of your searched images and videos to insert in the slides later on with the feature Add to Collection. The collection stays intact until you close PowerPoint.

Geetesh: I looked and found that you do allow searches on Flickr to be restricted to Creative Commons so that users don’t end up inserting copyrighted pictures on their slides – tell us more about what prompted you to add this welcome feature.

authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0

authorSTREAM Desktop 2.0Dinesh: Most image searches these days happen on the Web. Invariably, unable to find the right images in the clip art or image gallery of PowerPoint software, PowerPoint creators end up using copyright protected images from the Web in their presentations.

We thought of bringing those image websites and search engines right into PowerPoint. authorSTREAM Desktop not only helps users search web images without leaving PowerPoint, but also lets them search Creative Commons images from Flickr and add them with attribution in the slides. For Bing image search, where the Creative Commons filter is not available, authorSTREAM Desktop inserts copyright attribution along with the pictures so that the presenter can provide the right attribution and contact the owner of the image for permission, by following the links. In future we’ll be adding more image search APIs and more options to search non-copyrighted images.

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