Brainshark's Blackboard Partnership: Conversation with Kate Skelly

Brainshark’s Blackboard Partnership: Conversation with Kate Skelly

Created: Friday, June 15, 2012 posted by at 4:00 am

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Kate Skelly

Kate Skelly Kate Skelly is vice president for corporate and business development at Brainshark, Inc., overseeing strategic partnerships, and the addition and integration of complementary products and services. Brainshark’s cloud-based software enables users to create, share and track online and mobile video presentations, for use in eLearning, sales, marketing and corporate/HR communications. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing communications costs.

In this conversation, Kate discusses Brainshark’s newly expanded partnership with learning industry leader Blackboard, and integration with Blackboard Learn for Sales.

Geetesh: What exactly is Blackboard Learn™ for Sales, and how does Brainshark’s partnership help end users with rapid content creation?

Kate: Blackboard Learn for Sales is Blackboard’s cloud-based learning management solution that is fully integrated into Salesforce CRM. It’s geared toward companies that are focused on sales training and professional development. Because Brainshark is so firmly entrenched in sales and sales training communications within companies, this partnership is a terrific fit.

It’s also an extension of our previous relationship with Blackboard and reflects on how much we’ve enjoyed working together. Now, through this expanded partnership, we’re pleased to report that Brainshark has been selected as the exclusive rapid content creation solution for use with Blackboard Learn for Sales. So users who use Blackboard Learn for Sales to manage their training can now take advantage of Brainshark to quickly create high-impact, interactive courses and eLearning content.

Geetesh: So does this mean that users can easily create content suitable for Blackboard by using Brainshark’s easy process of integrating PowerPoint and voice? Tell us more.

Kate: Exactly. Blackboard Learn for Sales customers can use Brainshark to create multimedia sales training content within minutes, using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the phone or computer microphone. It’s so easy to do -– sales leaders, product managers, executives and other experts at all levels across an organization who need to deliver training and communications to sales teams can easily use Brainshark to create training modules. When used with Blackboard Learn for Sales, the content you create via Brainshark can be delivered through Blackboard’s system. Brainshark presentations and courses can be viewed on-demand, anytime, from computers as well as mobile devices -– benefitting salespeople who are frequently on-the-go and companies who want to establish mobile learning (mLearning) initiatives.

We look forward to continuing our work with Blackboard -– helping Blackboard Learn for Sales users get even more value from Blackboard’s platform, and helping organizations quickly create and deliver formal and informal learning content to meet their training needs.

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