authorSTREAM's HD Video Output

authorSTREAM’s HD Video Output

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Among the various improvements that authorSTREAM made to their video engine, HD video conversion is the one that stands apart. This improvement is significant since it will make all the difference in the world to those who need to quickly create high resolution video output. So what do you need to create this high quality video output, and where can you use it? Let’s first answer the second question and then look at the first one for the rest of this post.

Video is no longer the realm of only those who sit in front of high end systems with software worth thousands of dollars installed. Everyone wants to create a quick video — perhaps for one of these reasons:

  1. Digital signage: A new offer, product, or feature has been introduced and you need a quick video promotional — something quick, or even a prototype before you meet with your ad agency to do a shoot with models, locations, and hundreds of other nuances.
  2. Television series: You work in a television studio and need a quick mock up of your ideas for a full production or just a single episode.
  3. Event showcase: You are taking part in a large event that includes an expo — you can provide a quick 4 or 5 minute video clip that will be shown on LEDs all over the venue.
  4. Photos keepsake: You want a quick video clip with music and photographs to show for a family wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. You’ll show this on a high res display — so the resolution has to be high quality.
  5. PowerPoint alternative: You want to do a semi-presentation session that has slides with text — and also many pictures, animated objects, and video clips. However all this needs to be shown on a television without a laptop or tablet connected — and it may have to be a self running video clip.

Of course, we just highlighted five typical scenarios — and no doubt, there will many other situations that may be similar to these.

You can of course fire up PowerPoint and easily add all the pictures and text that you need. Add sound or video clips as required, and what do you do next? If you use PowerPoint 2010, you could use the Create a Video option — but that again has limitations. It does not loop media such as audio and video clips, and does not provide HD quality output. Also, you may be using an older version of PowerPoint — or one of PowerPoint’s Mac versions that has no Create a Video option.

authorSTREAM’s solution lets you to upload your PowerPoint to their servers, and you then let them take care of the rest. Soon after you upload the slides to their site, you can choose an HD video output option. As soon as your HD video is ready, you’ll receive an email asking you to download your video clip!

Do note though that authorSTREAM’s HD output options are not free, and you may have to pay a small amount to access this feature. If you already are subscribed to one of their premium subscription plans, then the HD video output options are already included within the plan.

To get started, you can follow these steps:

  1. You must first upload a PowerPoint presentation to your authorSTREAM account. Here’s an embedded presentation that we uploaded for this post:

    Do note that the presentation we uploaded was in the wide screen format. If you still have not played the embedded presentation, above — then you might see a 4:3 window, but play it and it shows thereafter in 16:9. Although authorSTREAM doesn’t seem to officially support the 16:9 wide screen format, it did work for us!

  2. Next you go to your My Presentations page on authorSTREAM. You need to be signed into your account for this to work.
  3. Find the presentation you uploaded, click the Video button shown in the screenshot below to open a popup menu. Choose the Convert to Video option, shown highlighted in red, below.

  4. You’ll see the Convert presentation to video dialog, as shown below. Open the Select video format drop-down list, and choose the MP4 HD Quality option. Then click the Next button.

  5. If your slides have no set transition timings, you can now choose how long you want each slide to be shown (see screenshot below). Then click the Convert Now button.

  6. You will see a message that says Your presentation will be converted into a video in a short while. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as it’s ready. Check your mail — in a few minutes, you will receive a link to download your presentation in the form of an HD video.

Our contact at authorSTREAM for this post was Dinesh Awasthi — thank you, Dinesh.

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