PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2012: Conversation with Shawn Toh

PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2012: Conversation with Shawn Toh

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Shawn Toh is the founder and webmaster of PowerPoint Heaven. He is a Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint (Most Valuable Professional) and a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. He is a presentation consultant and has worked with various companies such as Hewlett-Packard and eBay on project consultations and has conducted several PowerPoint workshops for the education sectors. Shawn is based out of Singapore, and runs the PowerPoint Heaven site.

In this discussion, Shawn discusses the PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2012.

Geetesh: Why did you organize the PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2012 – and what does this online event mean for the participants?

Shawn: PowerPoint Heaven eConvention is an annual online convention where PowerPointers get together to discuss, review and submit their latest PowerPoint works. The purpose of the eConvention is not only to showcase magnificent works from the international PowerPoint community, but also to further reach out to local communities in China and Korea.

This year, we have also appointed our own Korea-PPTH and China-PPTH ambassadors who will be responsible for bridging the communications and building a closer ties among these communities. By participating in the eConvention, participants are therefore allowing their submissions to be seen on both local and international levels thus gaining a broader exposure. Similarly, such exposure will also be highly beneficial to all communities in learning and development for the long run.

Geetesh: You did mention that you were blown away by the creativity of some entries – can you share your thoughts?

Shawn: This year’s eConvention is by far one of the largest submissions pool that we have received. The PowerPoint community in China for instance, has improved tremendously in recent years in both skills and the number of members. We are also able to see several breakthroughs in PowerPoint works which were achieved via collaboration. An example would be the 8 months collaboration work, ‘My Photo Album’ by Xing Yu and his members, which tells the heartwarming story of him and his mother. At the same time, it also demonstrates how a large scale PowerPoint work could be put together and made possible thanks to different people, each with their own specialized talent. Another example of breakthrough would be the strategy game, ‘Future: Escape from Xope’, which showcases a movie-styled introduction and comes packed with sophisticated mini-games which took several months to complete.

Likewise in the Korea communities, we can also see breakthroughs such as Touhou Project artworks by Zzangdol, which went viral few months back, as well as new PowerPointers who have several ingenious works to showcase. These works that have been submitted, along with other individual contributions from PPTH, thus made this year’s eConvention one of the most breathtaking ones so far.

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