PDF to PowerPoint Creator: Conversation with Cindy Pearson

PDF to PowerPoint Creator: Conversation with Cindy Pearson

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Cindy Pearson

Cindy PearsonCindy Pearson is an IT manager and a brand evangelist at PDFConverter.com. She loves all things technology and Internet and enjoys playing with all sorts of tech tools and gadgets.

In this conversation, Cindy discusses their online PDF to PowerPoint creator.

Geetesh: Why did you create a free online PDF to PowerPoint creator? Tell us more.

Cindy: At PDFConverter.com, we know that people — especially business professionals like project and finance managers, accountants, entrepreneurs, writers and many others — use PDF files on daily basis. It is a widely known fact that the Portable Document Format is the most convenient file format for saving, archiving, sending and sharing all sorts of documents. PDF ensures that the intended recipients can open the file regardless of the device or platform they use. That is why we initially designed a comprehensive desktop PDF converter software, PDF Converter Elite — for total PDF management. From PDF creation to editing and conversion capabilities, PDF Converter Elite is an all-in-one solution for PDF management. It offers many advanced options like OCR conversion, editing, extracting, merging, modifying, securing and protecting PDFs. It is designed as an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat with business users in mind.

However, we realized that not only business professionals use PDF, but also many other computer and Internet users like students, teachers and many other individual users. They don’t necessarily need professional PDF software with tons of advanced capabilities, but rather an accurate, reliable and safe solution for quick PDF conversion. Also, we know that students and many educators worldwide operate on a shoe-string budget that doesn’t allow them to use commercial software products. Since technology and the Internet allow us to market our product, we wanted to contribute and give back to the net. That is how we came to the idea of creating a free online PDF conversion service that allows user to create PDFs from literally any Windows format and convert PDF to PowerPoint, Word, or Excel quickly and accurately without the hassle of downloading and maintaining any piece of software on their computer. Free online PDF to PowerPoint converter is one of the conversion options we offer in our attempt to support presenters, public speakers and other Microsoft PowerPoint users worldwide.

Geetesh: Can you share some stories of people who have found your service helpful?

Cindy: Our user base is constantly growing and we perform more conversions each day. So, that is one indicator that the service is being seen as helpful. We also regularly get emails from our users, thanking us for offering free PDF to PPT conversion and telling us how they use it. Here are some notable examples.

A teacher who likes to try out new ways of integrating technology into her classroom told us that she used the tool for a computer lab activity during which her goal was to teach children several things: to learn how to do a specific search on Google (she asked them to search for interesting PDF presentations on a given topic), to convert the files to their original format (she used our tool for this activity), and to practice editing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Then there was a project manager’s assistant whose boss asked her to urgently modify one presentation he sent her a couple days before to proofread and save as a PDF. Since she deleted the PowerPoint version of the presentation from her computer and was afraid to ask her boss to resend it to her, she took the PDF slide deck, converted it with our free online PDF to PPT, made the necessary edits and eventually got complimented for her efficiency and good work.

Furthermore, we have recently received an excited email from a college professor who informed us that he was able to convert over 50 of his archived PDF lessons, recreate and reversion them in PowerPoint and then publish them again as an electronic textbook for his students’ learning and reference needs.
If this sounds like something you and your users need, I invite you all to give our free PDF to PowerPoint online converter a spin. Should you like it, feel free to come back and convert as many PDFs to PPT as you want, and as often as you need!

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