Able2Extract 8: Conversation with Reena Cruz

Able2Extract 8: Conversation with Reena Cruz

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Reena Cruz of Investintech talks about Able2Extract 8, a product that also includes PDF to PowerPoint conversion technology.

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Reena Cruz

Reena CruzReena Cruz is from, Inc., leading developer of PDF converter solutions for the desktop, server and mobile platforms. She writes for the Investintech blog, where she shares tips about PDF converter technology, productivity in the workplace and software in general.

In this conversation, Reena discusses their Able2Extract product and its PDF to PowerPoint conversion technology.

Geetesh: Tell us about Able2Extract 8 – also can you share some scenarios in which people may want to convert their PDFs to Microsoft Office formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word?

Reena: Anyone who works with digital formats knows that editing and working with PDF content is next to impossible. Our flagship PDF converter, Able2Extract 8, was developed to help you convert those PDF files to other digital formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Publisher, as well as non-Microsoft formats such as AutoCAD, HTML, image and open source formats.

Combining built-in PDF viewing technology and an intuitive user-friendly interface, Able2Extract 8 aims to make converting PDF files as easy as possible. The process is simple — open your file, select your content and click to convert. In three steps, you’re left with content you can edit, analyze and reuse.

In contrast, the day to day issues users face with the PDF format are anything but simple. For instance, PowerPoint presentations can be easily shared and exported to PDF. Yet, the presentation content inside them will often need to be edited or reused in some other capacity.

Also, consider how you work with other formats. Performing Excel calculations on PDF data becomes impractical if you need to manually re-enter those details into different spreadsheets.

There are even cases where no digital source file exists. With paper copies of statements and reports being scanned directly into PDF files, how do you work with the information contained in them?

In each case, you struggle to work with that PDF content, copying and pasting, retyping or taking screenshots of PDF pages. Able2Extract 8 reduces the need for makeshift solutions and lets you directly convert PDF text and graphics faithfully into other formats.

Able2Extract 8

Able2Extract 8

Able2Extract 8

Able2Extract 8

Geetesh: How much more improved and refined is Able2Extract compared to other PDF conversion options including the new PDF to Word converter built inside Word 2013?

Reena: Able2Extract’s development was largely due to feedback from our users. As a result, we were able to really hone down Able2Extract’s features and get it to accommodate the ways in which you really need to work with PDF conversions, letting you fine-tune them as needed.

For instance, a big part of Able2Extract is about conversion control, which some PDF conversion options can easily miss out on. If you need to deal with only portions of text or complex data tables, Able2Extract can help get the job done. You can work with your conversions on the paragraph level and convert anywhere from a single line to the entire file. Its custom conversion options will go so far as to let you select the rows and columns for PDF to Excel conversions.

We know that PDF converter users can range anywhere from business professionals to students. Thus, we included conversion options and settings that anyone can take advantage of: batch conversion, AutoCAD settings, image DPI resolution, and Excel and Word output options. As a standalone application, Able2Extract can fit into any workflow.

And this is where Able2Extract 8 can really offer more than Microsoft Word’s PDF to Word built-in converter. Where its conversion function requires that you are in Microsoft Word 2013 to use the feature, Able2Extract doesn’t. It isn’t a plug-in limited to other applications. Able2Extract is specifically designed for PDF conversions alone. Moreover, you aren’t tied down to a specific platform either. This latest version is also cross-platform. You can work on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Listening to users’ needs and suggestions is what really brought our PDF solutions to the point they are at now. Making Able2Extract available and useful for everyone, even on the mobile platform, is what compels us to keep improving the technology. We wanted to bring a different, more elegant PDF solution to the market and Able2Extract 8 is it.

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