Presentation Summit 2013: Conversation with Rick Altman

Presentation Summit 2013: Conversation with Rick Altman

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Rick Altman is a presentation consultant based out of Pleasanton, CA. Rick has been hosting end-user conferences since 1989, and is well known as the host of the annual Presentation Summit conference. He has a strong sense of the needs of the presentation community. Rick has authored 15 books on presentations and graphics, including Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck.

In this conversation, Rick discusses the upcoming eleventh edition of his Presentation Summit conference, to be held in September 2013 in Fort Lauderdale.

Geetesh: The 2013 Presentation Summit is slated to be held soon at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s the first time we are going to be on the East Coast next to the ocean — what else will happen for the first time?

Rick: I suspect that it will be the first time for many to get significant exposure to the new version of PowerPoint. While out for several months, we know how slow corporate wheels turn. And yet our patrons are a curious lot, so we’ll make sure to have version 2013 installed on all of our Help Center computers so patrons can spend quality time with it and decide for themselves if a migration to it would be the right move.

This year will also mark two debuts at the conference: Sam Horn of the IntrigueAgency and Sunni Brown of the Doodle Revolution. Both are outstanding presenters with compelling stories to tell about how presentation professionals can better engage their audiences with critical messages. We can’t wait for our gang to meet them.

Geetesh: What can attendees expect from the Summit? Can they bring their problem slides with them? Can they learn a lot? Can they also have fun?

Rick: Summit patrons can expect a completely immersive experience. For four days, they will get to live and breathe presentation. From message crafting, presentation design, PowerPoint technique, introductions to other software, right through to delivery, our seminars are broad and deep. Meanwhile, the networking opportunities are what attract many, as we make it virtually impossible to not meet peers, make friends, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Patrons can indeed bring files with them; we encourage them to load up their flash drives and come to our Help Center fully armed. Little is more helpful than working through issues with slides that are relevant and meaningful. So yes, bring us your pain – we thrive on it.

As for the fun, well, we’re famous for that, too. We’ll be 1/4 mile from the most charming and happening nightlife spot in town, and we will be literally across Atlantic Blvd. from the beach. The weather should be phenomenal there in mid-September. So all in all, we’re looking forward to a wonderful time.

Geetesh: And you have early pricing to offer?

Rick: Yes, but your readers will want to hurry. Throughout the month of May, registrants can take $100 off of the registration price.

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