Presentation Hero Academy: Conversation with Matteo Cassese

Created: Thursday, February 5, 2015, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 4:00 am

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Matteo CasseseMatteo Cassese is an interactive consultant and an entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology living in Berlin, Germany. Before starting his consulting business, La Fabbrica della Realtà, in 2011, he has held technical and marketing roles in the internet, telecommunications and entertainment fields. His experience with presentations spans more than 10 years, where he has applied his skills to bigger corporations and startups alike. In January 2015 he has launched the Presentation Hero Academy.

In this conversation, Matteo discusses the Presentation Hero Academy.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your Presentation Hero Academy, and what motivated you to create this learning platform?

Matteo: A few months ago I started looking for an affordable, comprehensive, interactive, non-salesy presentation course to send to potential speakers of a meetup that I organize. Couldn’t find one. So I created my own.

The course I created is the best possible online training course for presentations and public speaking. It collects the best storytelling advice (I used to be a story analyst for a big Hollywood studio), the best presentation structure advice (based on 10+ years of presentation experience), the best design advice (gleaned from top-notch presentations, keynotes and talks), and the best possible delivery and public speaking advice (written mostly with the introverts in mind).

Geetesh: How are the learning materials on Presentation Hero Academy different than other similar resources — what sets it apart?

Matteo: Presentations don’t come easy to me – to paraphrase the song. And this is the main reason why in recent years I’ve developed Presentation Hero to support me when I create them. It’s a blueprint I can apply every time I need to do a presentation. It’s a repeatable and scalable process based on previous experiences that I can trust for every type of presentation.

The course is extremely practical and actionable: every single lesson can be applied in real life. It’s contemporary and interactive: all of the content is delivered through fast paced, fun, animated videos. It’s also speedy and concise, with lessons that average just 2 minutes in length. Most importantly it’s universal: the principles can be applied by anyone to any kind of presentation.

I am still on a journey. Each time I give a presentation I try to tell a better story, create better visuals and deliver with more empathy and confidence. I know that I can improve in all of these areas and I look forward to my next presentations as the means for doing so. That’s the attitude that will save the world from bad presentations.

Your readers can try the first lesson of the course for free.

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