Outstanding Presentations 2015: Conversation with Steven Memel

Outstanding Presentations 2015: Conversation with Steven Memel

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Steven Memel

Steven Memel
Steven Memel is an internationally renowned High-Performance Consultant and award-winning actor, director and producer of film, television, stage and music. Through his powerful Peak Performance program, The Science of Switching On, he has helped in the development of top performers ranging from the silver screen to the corporate boardroom. Clients include Grammy award winners Adam Levine and Maroon 5, Academy Award nominee Drew Barrymore, actor Justin Long, Tony Award winner Lauren Bacall as well as CEOs, entrepreneurs, professionals, and consultants. As a keynote speaker, trainer, and seminar leader, Steven Memel demonstrates a deep commitment and unshakeable belief that you are here to truly shine and manifest your own personal greatness.

In this conversation, Steven discusses his upcoming webinar tomorrow, which he will present as part of the Outstanding Presentations 2015 series.

Geetesh: Steven, tell us more about what you do, and your “Science Of Switching On” system?

Steven: When you watch someone who consistently and unfailingly delivers powerfully, confidently, calmly and with clarity, it can seem like magic. You imagine they must have always been like that. A natural.

I’m here to tell you, from personal experience, that that is not always the case. It certainly wasn’t the case for me. There were times when it seemed I could do no wrong. And then the next time I could do no right. And in addition to driving me crazy, it terrified me and was extremely painful.

I wanted to be able to depend on myself. I wanted to be able to put an end to feeling continuously at risk. And I did.

The Science of Switching On is the result of my many years of relentless search to solve that problem and my long career of coaching everyone from beginners to top celebrities in the entertainment industry. I also now have years of experience expanding the reach of those I work with to leaders in business and professionals of all types.

My work is dedicated to helping my clients and those I serve to develop the ability to “hit the zone” consistently and reliably while having an awesome time.

The reason you can learn to do that with absolute consistency is that it is not just an art, but there is a science to it as well. When you learn the elements that make up a great performance and learn how to integrate them, what you end up with is a sense of wholeness, unity, and freedom that is almost indescribable.

Nothing pleases me more than watching the light go on for someone because they KNOW, without asking, that they hit the bullseye.

Outstanding Presentations 2015

Outstanding Presentations 2015

Geetesh: What will you speak about in your session as part of the Outstanding Presentations series – and what would be the takeaway for attendees?

Steven: The title of my session is The Hidden Pitfalls (you want to avoid) to Delivering “Knock Their Socks Off” Stellar Presentations, and that’s what I’ll be covering.

Have you ever felt that bummed out feeling after a presentation? A sense of disappointment in “how it went”? Most of us have.

But you’ve probably also had that experience of feeling mystified about what went wrong.

You did all that preparation, but you still ended up with that yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach. That sinking sense that “it’s going down the tubes.” You tried to get yourself back on track, but couldn’t. You felt like you were fighting through quicksand, barely making sense, or couldn’t wait to get off the stage, out of the conference room, or off the webinar.

OK… maybe your experience wasn’t that extreme. But we’ve all had those times that we were not at our best.

Well, I’m going to solve some of those mysteries for you. Uncover some traps that the “conventional wisdoms” are not getting down to. And after the light goes on and you get the “A-ha!,” I’m going to give you tactics and strategies that most presenters will never know. You’ll walk away with concrete steps to take and concepts to put into practice that will increase your confidence and make you bulletproof whenever you walk in front of an audience whether on stage, in the boardroom, or online.

What is Outstanding Presentations Workshop?

Since 6 years, Ellen Finkelstein has been hosting her immensely popular webinar series on presentation skills called Outstanding Presentations Workshop, or OPW for short.

Days: Tuesdays, starting September 8, 2015 ending October 20, 2015. Each webinar lasts approximately 1 hour.

Time: At 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT / 11:30pm IST / 4am AEST

Each webinar will be recorded so you can view it later (for 2 weeks after the session). Sign up for the webinars now!

You must sign up, even to view the recordings.

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