Infographics and the Presentation Revolution: by Vikas Agrawal

Infographics and the Presentation Revolution: by Vikas Agrawal

Created: Monday, June 20, 2016 posted by at 9:30 am

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‘A picture says a thousand words’ is perhaps a hackneyed truism, but infographics are proving it right all over again in the digital age.

Infographics transform complex facts and figures into simple images and depictions which enable viewers to grasp difficult concepts instantly and make easy comparisons. These colorful, mesmerizing visual tools masquerading as work actually make learning fun.

If you want to engage the audience with creativity and flair at your next presentation, you should consider using infographics.

If you aren’t entirely convinced, here is some information to consider.

Infographics Vikas 01
People are seeing – and sharing – more infographics than ever before.
Image Courtesy: FreeImages

Massive Uptake

Infographics may have been a long time coming, but now that Pandora’s Box has been opened, the overwhelmingly positive response is stimulating an increase in their production of an amazing 1% every day.

This means that if you haven’t enlisted the services of an infographic designer to showcase your content, the odds are your competitors have, and are reaching more potential clients than you are because of it.

It’s Simple Math

Research shows people respond better to visual images over text by a margin of 40% and that 90% of what the brain registers in any given period is visual.

Infographics Vikas 02
Do you see what I see?
Image Source: Pixcove

The takeaway from these figures is that if you are failing to convert your text and data into captivating visuals that fascinate people, you are losing viewers and potential investors and clients in droves. Along with the revenue that they would have generated.

Instant Authority

It seems that infographics have the ‘white lab coat effect’ and wear the coat for you.

Infographics Vikas 03
Take two infographics and call me in the morning!
Image: StockUnlimited

Just like TV commercials convince us that actors in white coats playing the roles of doctors and dentists give us good advice, an infographic puts a stamp of authority on otherwise unremarkable text and voice.

Of course, you are not being dishonest with your audience (that never ends well); you are simply attracting their undivided attention for some time to get your message across.

Audience Appeal

Which do you think would be shared more – a picture of the world, the word ‘world’, or the image below?

Infographics Vikas 04
Image: StockUnlimited

The right infographic creator can replace pages of text and reams of data with a series of images just like this.

The imagination, creativity, and effort that was invested in such a graphic are immediately apparent, even to a layperson.

Displaying an infographic during your presentation does not have to be an act in isolation. Platforms like Slideshare allow you to share your material with the world, and for them to share it with their own social circles.

We have created this highly informative infographic to help you get the most out of SlideShare.

Here is The A to Z Guide to Slideshare: Your Cheat Sheet for Mastering the World’s Largest Business Content Community!

Infographics Vikas 05
Image Courtesy: Infobrandz

Besides these 26 amazing capabilities of Slideshare, there are several strategic reasons it is strategically indispensable to every business. To discover those reasons, you have to click here.

Riding the Social Media Wave

Infographics Vikas 06
Image: StockUnlimited

When you give a presentation, it is not just an insulated event – it is the opportunity to exponentially magnify your reach through your audience and their associates.

It may be argued that every single social media marketing tactic has one aim – to create viral content. A presentation that includes a share-worthy infographic can be exactly that.

Remember to always link to your online and social media presence, if not prominently then at least unambiguously; every screen your presentations and infographics appear on is another foot in the door to new clients and investment.

It has taken some time into the digital age for content creators to unleash the power of the infographic upon the world, but the tremendous audience response has made them the must-have ingredient of a powerful presentation. Discover why with one of your own.

Vikas Agrawal
Vikas Agrawal is co-founder of the infographic design agency that offers creative and premium graphic solutions like infographics, ebooks, presentations, and pitch decks.

His infographics have secured high rankings in many lists of best infographics of 2015.

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