Talk Like a Rosling: Conversation with Rob Dysell

Talk Like a Rosling: Conversation with Rob Dysell

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Rob Dysell is the CMO of Pickit. In this conversation, Rob talks about Pickit's Talk Like a Rosling collection.

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Rob DysellRob Dysell is the CMO of Pickit. His job is to make sure that the perceived offer of the online service is always increasing and that sales are successful. Rob has worked over 10 years in advertising, design and digital marketing. Before working at Pickit, he ran the strategic department of the advertising Agency Acne in Stockholm. He has a mixed background: after graduating in social sciences, media & communication, he went on as a self-taught adventurer in the world of technical platforms.

In this conversation, Rob talks about Pickit’s Talk Like a Rosling collection.

Geetesh: Rob, tell us about your new Talk Like a Rosling collection, and what prompted you to create an entire visual collection identified with the Rosling family?

Rob: Our original goal at Pickit is to provide pictures for people with something to say. We aim to make it possible for people to access great quality pictures and creative content in a fast and easy way. Very often, Pickit users use our pictures for presentations (inside the PowerPoint add-in or the Word add-in). I am sure these are already very good presentations but if they can convey a powerful message, it’s even better! This is exactly what the Roslings are doing.

Hans Rosling is a Swedish professor of global health who became hugely popular for his many TED Talks and his non-profit organization, Gapminder, which he founded with his son Ola and daughter-in-law Anna. For years, they have been focusing on dismantling common misconceptions about the developing world—something that Anna is passing on with Gapminder’s newest project, Dollar Street.

Dollar Street aims to give an insight into people’s lives in more than 200 countries thanks to photos, making stereotypes fall apart and helping data come to life thanks to pictures. That was the first thing that prompted us to create a whole collection identified with the Rosling family; we feel incredibly inspired by their work—with both Gapminder and Dollar Street—and admirative of how they use powerful photos as data, making it possible for people to get a better understanding of other people’s lives and relate to them more easily.

Talk Like a Rosling

The second factor behind the decision to build the Talk Like a Rosling collection was Hans Rosling himself. Not only has he become famous for his inspiring and uplifting TED Talks, he presents them in a stunning way and manages to bring otherwise dreary data, statistics and facts to life. I can’t really think of anyone else who presents data the way he does. Hans uses solid statistics, very often straight from the United Nations database, and illustrates them thanks to fun animations, charts, and even props on stage. He also does it with a particular energy and enthusiasm that brought many to see him as a model when it comes to presenting and public speaking, even as a ‘guru presenter’ or ‘super statistician’!

Since a lot of our users use Pickit images to build presentations with our add-in in Office PowerPoint and Office Word, we thought it would be a great way to inspire them to create even better, more meaningful presentations. We provided them with material to do so: not only new pictures but also pre-packaged slides and quotes directly inspired from Hans Rosling, Gapminder and Dollar Street. We also wrote an article on our blog with tips and techniques drawn from the all the Roslings’ presentations.

Talk Like a Rosling

Geetesh: Can you give us some ideas on how users can add these images to their slides: which Pickit solutions can help?

Rob: These images are the perfect example on how visuals and effective presentation tools can aid better storytelling! Our users can use them directly in their presentations, or create their own by following the ‘Rosling’ model: for instance, using photos as data can be as effective as just using graphs or numbers. A powerful quote can also have a big impact on an audience when presenting.

Talk Like a Rosling

Talk Like a Rosling

Anyone whishing to use the images and pre-packaged slides can access the Talk Like a Rosling collection by installing Pickit in the Office Store. For those who already have Pickit, just open the add-in and the collection is right there! Double-click on the slide or image you want to use to add it to your document, and there it is. It’s as simple as that!

And of course, don’t forget to browse the other collections and images: whether you’re looking for images for a presentation, official document, or simply a blog post, you’ll find the perfect match!

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