What’s Your Presentation Persona: Conversation with Scott Schwertly

What’s Your Presentation Persona: Conversation with Scott Schwertly

Created: Thursday, March 2, 2017 posted by at 4:00 am

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Scott SchwertlyScott Schwertly is the Founder and CEO of Ethos3 and the creator of Badge, a proprietary presentation assessment tool which helps presenters discover and maximize their presentation style. He is also the author of two books, What’s Your Presentation Persona? (McGraw-Hill, 2017) and How to be a Presentation God (Wiley, 2011). If Scott is not working with his team building presentations or co-hosting his Presentation Scientists podcast, you will find him in the pool, on the bike, or on a long run since he is a 2x Ironman, 7x marathoner, and competitive triathlete.

In this conversation, Scott discusses his new book, What’s Your Presentation Persona? that he co-authored with Sunday Mancini.

Geetesh: Until now, all presenters were provided with the same advice, irrespective of their individual traits. But now you say that a presenter needs to identify their persona to discover their unique communication style. What led you to this thought?

Scott: At Ethos3, we love assessments. I have found them to be invaluable in helping me and my team leaders find and foster the best talent. More importantly, being able to plug team members into roles where they can maximize their strengths has empowered them and the business.

One day a colleague and I were talking about our passion for the above and we thought “why don’t we do this for our clients and presenters everywhere?” At the specific moment in time, Badge was born – Ethos3’s proprietary presentation skills assessment tool. It’s what I like I like to think of as the Myers-Briggs for presenters where anyone can discover within minutes which 1 of 16 profiles fits them best.

What’s Your Presentation Persona

Geetesh: Tell us more about your new book, What’s Your Presentation Persona? What can a reader expect as a major takeaway from your book?

Scott: This book has been a passion project of mine for quite some time because it offers more than just presentation tips and tricks. It provides presenters with self-awareness via the Badge assessment tool. Whether a presenter has been giving talks for 20 years or they have their first pitch next week, the book will reveal their true presentation style. The good news in this discovery process is that any presenter can then plan accordingly where they can maximize their strengths and mitigate their public speaking weaknesses.

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