Slideshows: The Better Way to Capture and Validate Leads

Slideshows: The Better Way to Capture and Validate Leads

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If you already spent many hours creating slides, it’s definitely worth to use them effectively. Slideshows are not only useful as a visual back-up for oral presentations – they can also be used to inform your prospects, to get new leads and to turn them into paying customers. In this blog post, we will have a closer look at the importance of slideshows in the process of capturing and validating leads.

Presentations – The Better Way to Market Your Business

Presentations can be used for educational purposes, at events, and on many other occasions. But most importantly, you should use them in your marketing campaigns. Nobody is interested in reading long website-texts anymore. None of your customers has the time to read white papers with hundreds of pages. Presentations summarize the most important conclusions in an appealing, visual way. They guide your prospective customers through a storyline in a determined order. Sharing slideshows with interested buyers also guarantees that the viewers get active – by clicking through the slides. Additionally, slide analytics and customer insights enable a much better reporting than traditional tools. Therefore, it makes sense to share them more often with prospective clients. How? Well, why don’t you use all your existing marketing channels? Online slideshows can easily be shared via email, on social media or even embedded in your website and blog.

Lead Validation with Beamium

After sharing the slideshow with your target audience, it’s time to go one step further. Beamium is a web-based presentation sharing platform which turns your slideshows into marketing tools. Simply upload your slides with one click and share them online or integrated into your website. A dedicated lead feature makes it possible to get the contact details of the presentation viewers at a specified point in the slideshow. The marketing presentation platform automatically validates the email address by sending the unlocked online presentation to the prospect. A perfect way to use your presentations as lead capturing tools. Check out this example presentation and see in detail how you can share your slides more effectively online:

How Slideshows Contribute to Better Leads

Let’s now have a closer look at why leads captured with your slideshow outperform traditional lead forms or newsletter signups. First, the willingness of the viewers to share contacts in the middle of a presentation is extremely high. The viewers already know the topic, are interested and get something in exchange when sharing their contact details. Second, slideshows are the perfect way to market your business with a story. Third, slide analytics make it possible to analyze your marketing materials and to find out how much time your viewers really spent on every single page. The more information you get from your prospects, the better will your slideshow become. And the better your slideshow becomes, the better the quality of the leads you capture.

Using Slide Analytics to Determine the Lead Quality

Analyzing your slides has many advantages and helps you to better understand the needs of your audience. Furthermore, you can use these slide analytics on an individual level to classify the leads. When you choose Beamium for capturing leads with your slideshows, you will automatically find out which slides the lead likes most, how much time the person spent in your presentation and which lead score the platform allocated to the contact. You probably have many slideshows saved on your computer, which are not used anymore. Give them a second chance and capture leads with your presentations!

Philip Franta

Philip FrantaPhilip Franta was born in Austria where he studied International Management and Business Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During his studies, Philip had some amazing experiences abroad in the USA, Finland, Italy, and Germany. He also worked at the fast-growing search engine for holiday rentals, HomeToGo. After finishing his studies, Philip co-founded Beamium and became CEO of the company.

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