Version and License of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office

Version and License of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office

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Do you want to know which version and license of Office and PowerPoint you are using? And what is the difference?

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We learned in a previous post about how Microsoft provides updates for various Office 365 installations. But even if you know how the updates are provided, do note that these updates are provided to you, depending upon the license and version of the installed product.

So, we heard from people who don’t know what their license is! Some users don’t even know the version of the program they are using. And really, that is OK—sometimes, these things can get a little complicated. This post will help you find out your product license and version in a jiffy. But before we proceed, look at this video embed.

A license means how you acquired your Microsoft Office. Yes, we can make this complicated by talking about volume licensing, upgrades, and more stuff—but really speaking, life can be simple if we think simple. And we can continue with it being simple by placing all licenses under two umbrellas:

  • A subscription (rented) product, such as Office 365, or
  • A perpetual/retail (owned) product which you bought upfront

And either way, what is your version? Many times, when you are stuck with a problem, support staff will want to know which version of Office you are using. It might sound strange but many Office users don’t know which version of Office they are using. That is because, at least in a corporate environment, a system administrator is responsible for installing and updating programs.

Even if you cannot install Microsoft Office, you can still identify which version you are running. To do so, please click on any of the following links, depending upon your OS (operating system):

Identifying Version and License of Microsoft Office on Windows

Identifying Version and License of Microsoft Office on Mac

Thanks again to our friends at Microsoft, Dave Barnett and Anneliese Wirth, who patiently helped make sure that this post is accurate. Thank you so much to both of you, Dave and Anneliese!

Version and License of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office

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