Presentation Summit 2017: Conversation with Rick Altman

Presentation Summit 2017: Conversation with Rick Altman

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Rick Altman shares thoughts about his sessions at the upcoming Presentation Summit in Clearwater, FL, being held from September 24 to 27, 2017,

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Rick Altman

Rick AltmanRick Altman has been hired by hundreds of companies, listened to by tens of thousands of professionals, and read by millions of people, all of whom seek better results with their presentation content and delivery. He covers the whole of the industry, from message crafting, through presentation design, slide creation, software technique, and delivery. He is the host of the Presentation Summit, now in its 15th season as the most prominent learning event for the presentation community. Away from the conference, he regularly leads private workshops within organizations.

In this conversation, Rick talks about his sessions at the upcoming Presentation Summit 2017 in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Geetesh: You are doing several sessions including a workshop on Sunday called Farewell to Death by PowerPoint. You are also doing the Real-World Makeovers and Movies in Motion sessions, plus Presentation Rap. Tell us more about the takeaways that each of these promise to the patrons.

Rick: Farewell to PowerPoint strikes me as a good launching pad for the conference. Just about everyone has glossed over the fundamentals a bit so it’s an effective way for folks to get grounded the day before the conference officially begins.

Real-World Makeovers begins with the premise that most of us are not professional designers and we will never be. And yet, we are asked to design presentations, often on a daily basis. How do we thrive in that environment?

Presentation Rap should be a good ol’ bull session, featuring three experts in the field. One of them is a surprise – she’s not actually speaking at the conference.

Movies in Motion is a full-on geek session for those who shoot video.

Geetesh: You have reduced your sessions from eight to four this year. So what exactly do you have planned with all that extra time that we don’t know about?

Rick: Did I really do eight sessions last year? That’s crazy. Maybe I’m just getting too old. As for extra time, that warrants a gigantic LOL. I have the Trivia Contest to craft, five keynote speeches to introduce, opening remarks Monday morning, and an Expo to run. I’ll be toast by Wed afternoon, that’s for sure.

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Presentation Summit 2017 Clearwater

Presentation Summit 2017 Clearwater

What is the Presentation Summit?

For many years now, Rick Altman has been hosting the Presentation Summit, a highly popular event that is geared towards users of PowerPoint and other presentation platforms.

Date: September 24 to 27, 2017
Location: The Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, United States
Register now!

Twitter Hashtag: Presum17

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