The Ultimate Guide To PowerPoint: Conversation with James Robinson

The Ultimate Guide To PowerPoint: Conversation with James Robinson

Created: Friday, September 8, 2017 posted by at 9:30 am

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James Robinson

James Robinson
James Robinson is the Marketing Manager for Buffalo 7, the UK’s leading PowerPoint presentation design agency. Buffalo 7 works with names including UEFA Champions League, Dell, Red Bull, Facebook, and the BBC.

In this conversation, James talks about Buffalo 7’s new e-book, The Ultimate Guide To PowerPoint.

Geetesh: James, can you tell us about your new guide called The Ultimate Guide To PowerPoint. What motivated you folks at Buffalo 7 to create this guide?

James: We’ve extensive knowledge of crafting presentations using PowerPoint and we wanted to share this knowledge and help people to create slick, compelling slides. This guide contains actual, actionable steps and it won’t take days to read. It’s everything you need to know about PowerPoint, with none of the stuff you don’t!

Ultimate Guide PowerPoint Buffalo 7

Ultimate Guide PowerPoint Buffalo 7Geetesh: If someone needs more help and wants Buffalo 7 to create decks for them, what would you want them to provide you with? In other words, is there any way that your customer can help you so that you can help them better?

James: Any assets that they can provide give us a great jumping-off point. Brand guidelines, logos, a PowerPoint template, an existing presentation, rough content for the slides, etc. Basically, anything that they have already can speed up the process. Some of our clients provide the content and we focus on the design and honing their message. However, we’re just as happy starting completely from scratch. If there is no existing content or brand guidelines or anything at all then we can work with the client to create something great.

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