Slider App: Conversation with Gregory Art

Slider App: Conversation with Gregory Art

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Gregory Art

Gregory ArtGregory Art is the co-founder of Slider, along with Sergey Balashov and Artem Riabukha. This Slider App is one of the projects of design agency, Artrange Digital. Gregory, a former artist and now a web-developer failed previously in his other app called Starckets, but that experience enriched his expertise and helped him with Slider App.

In this conversation, Gregory talks about Slider App.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about what motivated you to create Slider, and how do you position this product in a market that is crowded with so many other presentation programs?

Gregory: It’s a funny story about how we created Slider.

When I studied at university, we had to release cases and reports through presentations, in almost every single class. Even then, my designs were nice and I was thinking of creating my own presentation agency.

Once I even had to hurry to a class and was cleaning up things in my presentation, while seated in public transport! I got tired of spending my time and wondered, what if there was a program that generates decks from text and images prepared beforehand? And not just spread them out in the presentation but also group them logically and nicely?

I was really excited about this idea and wanted to create an application that did what I wanted. Such an application could make life easier for students, managers, analytics and all people who make presentations every day.

And that’s the idea behind Slider. Our application positioning is clear and simple: high-quality, designer presentations at any time and everywhere.

Slider App

Slider App

Yes, we have serious competitors. Take Keynote and PowerPoint for instance. Here are two presentation giants from Apple and Microsoft. Millions of people use these products every minute. But you must admit that the templates available are awful! Slider gives us an opportunity to design really awesome presentations in minutes! Users can choose any template that was created by our designers. You only should download the text and images. In mere minutes, your high-quality presentation is ready!

Also, any user can order an individual presentation template that he’ll be able to use from his own account. Users can save the document in PPTX, PDF or PNG file formats, and correct any part of the deck. Also, Slider supports document access from our own cloud storage.

Slider App

Slider App

Geetesh: Can you share more info about your roadmap, pricing, etc. Also, is Slider open to anyone now?

Gregory: At present, the Slider app is available on the Apple AppStore for free. But we’re planning to launch tariffs for corporate users in April once we do some additional work with current clients.

Now we’re at an important step – customer development. We’re ready to offer a fully functional free subscription for 6 months to companies. In return, these companies have to share the presentation creation process with us. We want to customize Slider’s functionality to their unique process to optimize the App’s performance and meet clients’ needs.

Our main advantage is that Slider’s templates can be created in PowerPoint. That’s why we’re open to PowerPoint designers, who will be able to promote their own templates through Slider. It could increase the value of their work.

Besides, we’ve launched our YouTube channel with educational materials. As Slider aims to reduce awful presentations, our channel can train everyone how to create amazing and beautiful decks.

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