Click 2019, the Presentation Design Conference: Conversation with David Blatner

Click 2019, the Presentation Design Conference: Conversation with David Blatner

Created: Monday, March 4, 2019 posted by at 9:30 am

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David Blatner
David Blatner is the President of CreativePro Network (, and the author of 15 books and over 20 video titles, including Real World InDesign, InDesign Essential Training, and Spectrums: Our Mind-Boggling Universe From Infinitesimal to Infinity. He is the co-host of CreativePro Week, home of Click: The Presentation Design Conference. With over 30 years as a teacher, writer, and creator, Blatner strives to demystify, inspire, and connect.

In this conversation, David talks about Click: The Presentation Design Conference.

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Geetesh: David, can you tell us more about Click: The Presentation Design Conference? What makes the presentation industry so important that you decided to do a 2-day event?

David: We’ve been producing live events for professional graphic designers for over 10 years, and one of the complaints we’ve heard so often is: “Please don’t make me use PowerPoint!” The reasons are clear and three-fold: First, designing presentations requires a different kind of design thinking and process than traditional graphic design; second, tools such as PowerPoint are really different than the Adobe apps most of our designers are familiar with; and third, when you design for presentations, you’re usually creating files that you need to give to someone else… and they can really mess them up!

Most of the available help is for managers, or presenters, or administrative staff… but our audience is different: they’re professional designers who demand a high level of control.

Click Seattle 2019

So last year we decided to add a one-day presentation design event (called Click) to our annual conference (CreativePro Week). We worked closely with presentation designer Mark Heaps, who used to be Director of Development at Duarte, and we brought in design experts from around North America. It was a big success and it was clear that designers can learn to love PowerPoint and presentation design. One woman wrote us, “I loved the new Click section. I have been doing a disservice to my presentations. I learned so much!”

So this year we decided to expand the offering to include more topics, including animation, data visualization, and the important overlap between presentation design and eLearning design. The lineup of presenters is extraordinary, including Julie Terberg, Nolan Haims, Jole Simmons, and Richard Goring.

Click 2019 Speakers

Geetesh: What can attendees expect to take away from this event? And who, according to you is the typical attendee?

David: Our attendees are graphic designers, art directors, marketing/communications managers, and educators. They come from an incredibly wide spectrum of industries, including the financial sector, health care, government, engineering and architecture, and far more. Ultimately, everyone is looking for the same thing: They want to do their job better, be more productive, and have more fun while they’re working.

It sounds kind of crazy, but our goal really is to help people smile more when they’re working. Sure, design and communicating effectively is hard, but these are amazing tools and they’re fun to use when you know how to use them well.

We call CreativePro Week the “how to” conferences because ultimately that’s what we’re about. We’ll inspire you, we’ll connect you with experts, but most of all, our experts want to share all the how-to skills they’ve learned over the years.

Click The Presentation Design Conference

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