Click 2020, the Presentation Design Conference: Conversation with David Blatner

Click 2020, the Presentation Design Conference: Conversation with David Blatner

Created: Monday, May 4, 2020 posted by at 9:45 am

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David Blatner 2019
David Blatner is the CEO of CreativePro Network and the host of CreativePro Week and He has presented training on 5 continents over the past 30 years, and his books and videos have been read or viewed by millions of people.

In this conversation, David talks about Click: The Presentation Design Conference being held virtually this year, as part of CreativePro Week 2020.

Indezine is a media partner for this event.

Geetesh: David, you moved CreativePro Week and the Click conference from a physically hosted event in Austin to now being an online, virtual event. What made you go ahead with this change? Also, what changes, and what remains the same?

David: I love live events, where people can be face-to-face in the same room—there is a magic that happens that just can’t happen online. But of course, as the Rolling Stones said, we can’t always get what we want, but we can get what we need! And we do need to meet, to keep learning and connect with other creative professionals. So today, in the midst of this health crisis, we’re taking it all online.

Fortunately, much of the event remains the same! Same schedule, same dates… all of our speakers said they still wanted to participate in this new format.

Geetesh: Now that this is a virtual, online event, it does mean that attendees can be from all over the world, who can be part of the conference without having to travel. Plus, you also have a larger attendee base in the US too who can be part of Click without having to move from their homes. What are the implications?

David: You’re right: we have received registrations from all around the world, from many people who would not have otherwise been able to participate. As they say, when one door closes, another opens. We’re so glad that we can bring so many designers together!

Geetesh: For attendees from different time zones who can’t attend, will recordings be made available?

David: Absolutely! We actually have always made the session recordings available to attendees as one of the benefits of the event — plus the written handouts, and other benefits. So whether attendees are in Australia or India or Switzerland, they can get a lot out of the event.

And it’s not just the session recordings. Participants in other time zones will still be able to use our online forums to ask questions and connect with other attendees. This is important. We open our forums several weeks before the conference, and we leave them open for months after the event. So there is a real sense of camaraderie and connection among all our attendees, even those who cannot be there “live” in US-time.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Click, the presentation design subset of your larger CreativePro Week conference.

David: Click focuses on presentation design for professionals, and it is the newest and fastest-growing segment of CreativePro Week. Most designers I know either hate or fear PowerPoint, or they love it but they know they’re not using it well. Click is all about getting people over that, and showing how presentation design is different than other design, and how to use these tools well. I have seen people in the audience literally drop their mouths open and gasp in Click sessions—it’s so cool.

By the way, it’s not just PowerPoint. For example, we have a session about how Adobe XD, which was made for UX prototyping, is now being used by designers to make awesome presentations.

Geetesh: Is there anything else you want to share with the conference team, attendees, and sponsors?

David: Our goal, at CreativePro, is to connect people and organizations with each other, with the best expertise and training, and with tools that will help them thrive. Just because we cannot be together in person doesn’t mean we cannot keep learning, improving, and connecting. Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay creative!

What are Click and CreativePro Week?

Click 2020

Click is a conference about presentation design. It is a subset of the larger CreativePro Week conference held annually.

Indezine is a media partner for this event.

Date: June 3 to 5, 2020

Location: Virtual Event

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