Click 2020, the Presentation Design Conference: Conversation with Jole Simmons

Click 2020, the Presentation Design Conference: Conversation with Jole Simmons

Created: Wednesday, May 27, 2020, posted by at 9:45 am

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Jole Simmons
Jole Simmons is a presentation designer living in San Francisco, CA. Since he was a kid, he always had an eye for design and animation, doodling in class and creating stop motion movies. After graduating from college, he started working at advertising agencies, teaching himself programs like Photoshop and Illustrator in his spare time. He found himself doing more and more PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, and in the process, gained the moniker “Presentation Guy” by his colleagues. Jole has worked on presentations for companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Workday and teaches several classes on LinkedIn Learning.

In this conversation, Mark talks about Click: The Presentation Design Conference being held virtually this year, as part of CreativePro Week 2020.

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Geetesh: Jole, you are doing 2 sessions at this year’s Click conference: From Inspiration to Presentation and Presentation Animation Techniques. Can you tell us more about each of these sessions, and what will be takeaways for attendees?

Jole: Yes Geetesh, I’m really looking forward to teaching both of these sessions at Click this year!

From Inspiration to Presentation is about finding inspiration in things we see and experience every day. Think about all the movies, TV shows, commercials, and other media that we see every day. Maybe you’ve seen a cool text animation in a movie opening. Or an interesting photo treatment in a magazine. You can draw inspiration from all of these things, so I’ll talk about some of the things I’ve been inspired by.

Presentation Animation Techniques is a bit more straight forward. I love designing animations, so I was happy to teach this session. Instead of cramming a lot of small techniques into an hour, I go in-depth on how to do things like animate vector graphics using Illustrator and PowerPoint, animating a still photo using Photoshop and PowerPoint, and creating a looping scene in 3D space in PowerPoint. I’m hoping that attendees that don’t have experience in Illustrator or Photoshop will still get some great takeaways from these lessons since it’s more about the process rather than the tools involved. It should be fun!

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Geetesh: In today’s world, where more presentations are delivered virtually than ever before, what changes are we witnessing as far as presentation design is concerned?

Jole: Now more than ever, presentations are becoming incredibly important during virtual events. Since we’re viewing a speaker delivering content through our 2D screens, we lose out on a lot of their presence. A glitchy internet connection, bad audio, or bad lighting can really take away from the speaker’s overall effectiveness, sometimes leaving viewers distracted, and frankly bored.

So now, amazingly designed slides are not just supporting what the speaker is talking about, but they’re also helping break up the monotony and adding visual interest. The only issue is, that a lot of the fancy animation builds we’re used to designing can be totally ruined by a bad internet connection or choppy feed, so it’s really important to be a little more conservative with complex animations and keep things simple when you can. I think we’re all going to keep innovating and learning how to adjust to this new medium, and I’m excited for what the future holds.

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What are Click and CreativePro Week?

Click 2020

Click is a conference about presentation design. It is a subset of the larger CreativePro Week conference held annually.

Indezine is a media partner for this event.

Date: June 3 to 5, 2020

Location: Virtual Event

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