Presentation Summit 2019 and 2020: Conversation with Rick Altman

Presentation Summit 2019 and 2020: Conversation with Rick Altman

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The Presentation Summit 2020 is going to be held virtually. Please take a look at this newer interview, Presentation Summit 2020: Conversation with Rick Altman

Rick Altman

Rick Altman
Rick Altman has been hired by hundreds of companies, listened to by tens of thousands of professionals, and read by millions of people, all of whom seek better results with their presentation content and delivery. He covers the whole of the industry, from message crafting, through presentation design, slide creation, software technique, and delivery. He is the host of the Presentation Summit, now in its 18th season as the most prominent learning event for the presentation community.

In this conversation, Rick talks about the Presentation Summit, being held in Seattle, WA this year from August 9 to 12, 2020.

Geetesh: Please tell us more about the Presentation Summit held in October 2019 in San Antonio. What was the same, and what was different?

Rick: We had so much more personal storytelling this year with our keynotes and that was only partly by design. We asked Cliff Atkinson to kick off the conference and we pretty much didn’t care what he spoke about (laughs). He went way beyond bullet points, sharing with us how he got started in the industry and what attracted him to storytelling in the first place. So he pretty much told us a story about his own relationship with telling stories.

Then Christopher Fairbank walked…no, danced us through his amazing arc of life – going from a professional ballet dancer to a cop on the beat. And finally, Christine Figgener shared with us her unintentional path to storytelling when her video of an ocean rescue of a sea turtle was viewed by over 35 million people on YouTube. She pulled eight inches of plastic straw out of the turtle’s snout, and the next thing she knew, she was an environmental leader and largely credited with the sentiment against plastic straws in this country.

Geetesh: You move next year, probably for the first time away from the southern USA to Seattle. What made you choose Seattle, and what can patrons expect from the 2020 Presentation Summit conference?

Rick: You can blame Garr Reynolds and the Tokyo Olympics for all of it! We have wanted Garr to come to the conference for years, but his teaching responsibilities made it impossible for him to travel from his home in Japan during the fall. When we told him that we would move to the summer for him, he shared with us that the Tokyo Games were going to be in August and he thought it would be good to get out of there then. He’s from the Pacific Northwest, so Seattle was an easy yes for him. We’re also hoping that teachers and public school supervisors might be able to more easily attend over these dates, too.

It’s all a gamble, no doubt, but you could kind of say that this whole conference thing I’ve been doing since 1989 is one big gamble.

What is the Presentation Summit?

Presentation Summit 2020

Presentation Summit 2020

For nearly two decades, Rick Altman has been hosting the Presentation Summit, a highly popular event that is geared towards users of PowerPoint and other presentation platforms. is the official Media Partner for the Presentation Summit.

Date: August 9 to 12, 2020

Location: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

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