SlideClips Video Maker: Conversation with Kara Jones

SlideClips Video Maker: Conversation with Kara Jones

Created: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 posted by at 9:30 am

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Kara Jones
Kara Jones is a complete nerd training and getting others excited about presenting. Her passions include genealogy and keeping up with her two-year-old son. She has been working in business for fifteen years, acquired ger MBA last year and is using that newfound knowledge to launch PresenterMedia to new heights.

In this conversation, Kara talks about PresenterMedia’s online SlideClips Video Maker.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about SlideClips, and the new, updated, SlideClips Video Maker?

Kara: SlideClips is the newest feature to PresenterMedia and is an invaluable tool to our subscribers. This powerful engine allows our subscribers to use our content or their own to create their own custom video slide deck, which can be optimized in dimensions to fit specific social media platforms. What’s better, we have the power of the entire PresenterMedia content library at users’ disposal, including our customizable features and even additional background audio files. If a customer wants to change it up and add their own audio, video or uploaded images and animations, the SlideClip Video Maker can accommodate that as well.

SlideClips Interface

Imagine creating a custom opening clip for a presentation, including a custom item, a personal company logo, and background audio. Now it can be created and inserted as easily as any of the PresenterMedia customized content. Our Co-owner and lead SlideClips Developer Art Holden has been hard at work building the backside of the customizer, while our artists and content creators are building animated templates to get users started easily. We have had users create their own slide clips and have them play on their presentations while demonstrating products. Lastly, I have the pleasure of exploring all the new features as they are created, and we have more features coming weekly to this powerful tool! I have the joy of creating videos and tutorials on how to capitalize on this platform.

PresenterMedia Character

Geetesh: Please tell us about your PresenterMedia subscription plan. Also, do share how existing members benefit from the subscription.

Kara: The PresenterMedia subscription plan is very straight forward and competitively priced. For only $59.95 per year (that’s $5.00 per month!), users gain access to tens of thousands of PowerPoint templates, clip art images, animations, video backgrounds, and customizable content for each category as well. This year we added the SlideClip Video Maker and it is also included in that subscription price. Customers are able to download an unlimited number of customized videos with that subscription.

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