SlideSource Library: Conversation with Bob Befus

SlideSource Library: Conversation with Bob Befus

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Bob Befus

Bob Befus

Bob Befus is a serial entrepreneur who has focused on the presentation needs of medical and pharmaceutical organizations for most of his career. He is a regulatory presentation expert and continues to work with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies on critical presentation projects for both regulatory and medical affairs. In 1996, Bob developed an interactive digital display software that enabled presenters to organize thousands of data slides and be able to locate and present them instantly during live Q&A. Since 1996, Bob has continued to develop and refine several presentation support technologies including SlideSource for SharePoint in 2010 and in 2015.

In this interview, Bob discusses the new features in SlideSource Library.

Geetesh: Bob, please tell us about the new features released for SlideSource Library.

Bob: SlideSource Library is now five years old and our user base continues to expand. It ranges from individuals and small companies to top ten pharmaceutical companies.

We remain deeply committed to the continual improvement of SlideSource Library and the expansion of the platform. We constantly strive to develop new features that help companies better manage their presentation content and that help end users efficiently access and utilize that content.

Our most recent major update took place at the end of July. Here are the highlights of the changes:

Management of all digital content

As we all know, the creation of slides and presentations almost always involves pulling together lots of raw material that ends up getting processed and turned into the final PowerPoint file. With our new Document Collections feature, all of that stuff can now be kept in the same place as your slides. Document Collections support any and all file types so the digital assets your company depends on most can now be stored in one secure location.

Even cooler, users can now attach any file that’s been stored in a Document Collection directly to any slide or presentation. This means the source data used to make a slide, a journal article, or an Excel spreadsheet, for instance, is always available for easy reference and can be accessed with a single click.

Also, a full version-history for all of your Microsoft Office documents is kept in your document collection. (A licensed copy of Microsoft Office must be on your device in order to edit directly from SlideSource Library).

Interface improvements

Another big change is the new configurable landing page. Before this update, the SlideSource Library interface for all users was static and couldn’t be changed. Now, the interface can be customized by adding a logo, library title and a custom set of links that can be organized in categories in a sidebar.

Navigating SlideSource Library is now much more efficient because the site administrator can create a persistent side menu containing links to any folder in any slide, presentation, or document collection. Links can also be added to any webpage or other resource accessible via a web URL. Links can be grouped into collapsible categories and the order of the categories and the links within them is also fully customizable.

The new landing page can also include several widgets that can add helpful information to the landing page. For instance, one widget offers various usage and slide status statistics about your library. Another widget displays information that is useful to have close-at-hand, such as project announcements or a list of team members. Additional widgets are planned for the future.
Current users will be glad to know that the side-by-side pane configuration, a SlideSource innovation that makes the organization of all the content in your library effortless via drag and drop, has been maintained.

Consistent with the principles that have driven the development of SlideSource Library from its very beginning, all these new features can be enabled or disabled by a site administrator.

Geetesh: Is it possible to sign up for a trial account and play with these new features?

Bob: A free, full-featured SlideSource Library account is available at so we hope everyone will give it a try. No credit card information is required to start a free account. Many video tutorials, training, and help setting up your library are available without any additional cost. Most of all, we value ongoing feedback from users, as almost 100% of our improvements come directly from user ideas and input.

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