Storydoc: Conversation with Itai Amoza

Storydoc: Conversation with Itai Amoza

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Itai Amoza

Itai Amoza
Itai Amoza is the co-founder and CEO of Storydoc and a seasoned entrepreneur. In the past 15+ years, he was involved in various international tech start-ups, focusing on the areas of sales, marketing, strategy, and data.

In this conversation, Itai talks about Storydoc.

Geetesh: Itai, please tell us about Storydoc, and how this idea was born, and what motivated you to create this product with a novel concept?

Itai: The story behind Storydoc is very simple, actually. We created it to aid our own sales efforts with another product. At first, we just focused on making an interactive version of our presentation. The goal was to give our customers an exciting reading experience instead of yet-another slide deck.

The tool itself was really clunky and definitely not user-friendly, but the end result was great. And then, the real eye-opener happened.

Our customers immediately fell in love with the interactive presentation and our results skyrocketed in an instant. That made us realize that we should let others create such interactive decks. That’s when we started the hard work towards making Storydoc the platform it is today: one where anyone can just jump in and create stunning presentations. These efforts, in turn, evolved into something even bigger: our real mission.

See, I always say that business presentations are broken. Most of those are plain boring, hard to digest, and look almost identical to one another. No wonder people hate “standard” slide decks. By creating Storydocs, we want to change business communications forever. No one (and no product) deserves a plain, tedious deck. Storydocs help businesses tell their stories in an exciting, engaging way—the way they’re supposed to be told.

Geetesh: Most people share their PowerPoint slides in the PowerPoint format itself, or as PDFs. With Storydocs, you can create a website. Can you share with us some case studies of people or organizations benefiting from the Storydocs approach?

Itai: When I say “interactive presentations work better than static slides,” it’s not just intuition. It’s something I know for a fact because all of our customers have enjoyed tremendous results when they switched from PowerPoints or PDFs to Storydoc. A few examples:

Spot, a leading cloud infrastructure company, struggled with creating a scalable lead qualification campaign. They experimented with many channels (text-only emails, emails with links to landing pages, PDF sales decks), but nothing seemed to move the needle. With Storydoc, they started getting 2x as many demos. You can see their interactive presentation here.

Storydoc – How it works
Storydoc – How it works

RTL, a media and entertainment giant, used Storydoc to help market their streaming service, TVNow. Compared to their old static slide deck, 40% more customers would read their Storydoc in full. It also helped them deliver the message around the full scope of their services in a more digestible way, so that it sounds exciting, not overwhelming.

Another good example comes from a very young startup, Orbiit, who developed a networking platform. In their case, the main benefit of Storydoc is a drastically shortened sales cycle. I got a great piece of feedback from their Head of Business Development. As she put it: “What usually requires a demo to explain can now be fully articulated through Storydoc. It does an amazing job painting a full picture of what we do and how we work so a second demo is usually not needed.”

As you can imagine, seeing the results we deliver for our clients is what really gets us going every day and makes us work hard on making Storydoc even more powerful and easy to use. We made this a tool for literally everyone: even people who think they have zero design skills.

You can find a full list of our case studies here (some cool new ones currently in progress).

Using Storydoc
Using Storydoc

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