SOS Click for PowerPoint: Conversation with Liran

SOS Click for PowerPoint: Conversation with Liran

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Liran is from SOS Click, a PowerPoint add-in that lets you save your files in multiple locations including online clouds at one go, so that you always have an accessible copy of your file. SOS Click also provides similar add-ins for Word and Excel.

In this conversation, Liran talks about SOS Click for PowerPoint.

Geetesh: Liran, can you tell us more about your SOS Click add-in for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel? What motivated you to create this product?

Liran: Hello. First, the word SOS in the add-in name actually stands for Save On Steroids, and as the acronym here implies, it means I take the way the user saves files to the next level and put the whole thing on steroids. The main motivation behind it was to give the user redundancy when saving something important which took time and effort to create: be it an academic dissertation, a financial report, or an important presentation for instance.

Redundancy means that whenever the user clicks on the add-in’s Save button, the file is saved in multiple copies, each in a separate place, giving the user the peace of mind of not losing anything. This is because bad things happen all the time: a hardware failure like the hard drive, loss of internet connectivity, ransomware attack which can encrypt files stored on the cloud, and so on. All of these could and would happen usually at the least favorable moment. Another motivation was to help my own users I give technical support. From time to time, I had to help them restore their files either from previous backups or tell them the file was saved over by a new one so unfortunately nothing could be done. With this add-in in place, the issue is gone.

SOS Click for PowerPoint

SOS Click for PowerPoint

Geetesh: Where do typical SOS Click users save their Microsoft Office files? Can you share some thoughts about local and cloud locations, and any best practices?

Liran: The add-in requires the user to set up at least two places or locations in order to start saving using it. Both places can be on the computer like local folders on separate hard drives. The recommended approach is to use both local and online storage. In online storage, I mean places that can be accessed via the local network like network drives or something “farther” like your favorite cloud service. All places are supported and once configured, one-click saves to all of them. The built-in auto-save function achieves the same action too making the process even more transparent. My recommended approach would be to save to a local folder and to either both a mailbox or a cloud service like Gmail and Google Drive and/or Dropbox. Other cloud services are also supported to minimize the risk of losing anything. For very sensitive material, the built-in auto-save function can save the file to an e-mail address of the user’s choice. Again, just in case and it’s better to have in my view, more backup copies than you need than nothing at all.

Geetesh: Is a trial version available, and how much does SOS Click cost?

Liran: Upon request, I can send a trial version that allows the user to play with the various settings but doesn’t save. As a time-limited offer, the add-in sells for $5 for each module (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). An all-in-one bundle that includes all modules sells for $10 instead of $15 when buying all separately.

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