Apple Launches Software to Run Windows XP

Apple Launches Software to Run Windows XP

Created: Friday, April 7, 2006, posted by at 2:26 am

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‘Windows’ Macs Could Take Bite Out of Microsoft

For the legions of diehard Apple fans, the announcement that some Mac computers would be able to run Windows was nothing short of earth shattering. “It’s huge news for the Mac community. It’s a real bombshell,” said author Leander Kahney. “Hell has frozen over, black is white, two plus two equals five, the whole fabric of the universe has been ripped open.” More on the ABC News site…

Macintosh cult greets Apple’s Windows

After long imploring computer users to “think different” and defining the Macintosh as a lone bulwark against the Windows onslaught, Apple Computer has decided to open the gate, at least a bit. Two decades after the first Mac arrived, Apple said it would offer users of its latest models a simple way to run the Microsoft Windows operating system and its own. That means a single Apple computer will run programs written for either the Mac or Windows, though it will have to shut down one system to start the other. More on The Times of India site…

Windows on Mac, Simultaneously

Apple Computer’s surprise software release allowing the company’s newest Intel-based Macs to run Windows has put “virtualization” — an alternative, and arguably superior, method of achieving the same result — in the spotlight. Released Wednesday, Apple’s Boot Camp beta installs Microsoft’s OS in a partition on the hard drive, thus offering Mac users the option of booting up either with OS X or Windows XP. Virtualization, by contrast, allows Macs to run Windows and Mac OS X not just on the same machine, but at the same time, with only a slight drop in performance. More on the Wired News site…

No mass market shoo-in for Appleā€™s Boot Camp

Apple’s decision to run Windows natively on the Mac through its Boot Camp project may be a landmark in the history of computing but its net effect on business IT buyers will be zip. The fact is that the Mac user and the PC user remain two tribes forced to coexist in one universe by unfathomable fate. More on the Inquirer site…

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