Canto Cumulus 8: Conversation with Steffen Setzer

Canto Cumulus 8: Conversation with Steffen Setzer

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Steffen Setzer

Steffen SetzerSteffen Setzer is Director of Marketing at Canto. Canto is a leading supplier ofdigital asset management solutions and has been dedicated to helpingcustomers fully utilize their digital assets since 1990. In this interview, Steffen discusses the new Canto Cumulus 8, a cross-platform solution that enables companies to easily organize, find, share, and track their ever-increasing numbers of photos, illustrations, presentations, video, audio, layouts and more.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Canto Cumulus 8 and the new improvements.

Steffen: Cumulus 8 was the most significant architecture update ever for the product line. Just on the subject of performance alone, users are seeing exponential increases. The user interface was overhauled to provide a more efficient, friendly experience for users, and we also added user commenting on assets, statistics and much more. Among the new add-on products is a module that enables users to catalog new assets via email, which is a real benefit for those who work remotely, or even those who use smart phones to capture photos, like Realtors or insurance adjusters. Overall, I’d say Cumulus 8 has been an extremely popular release for customers.

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Geetesh: There’s no new feature for PowerPoint users in Cumulus 8 — but I’m sure they can benefit from the overall improvements to the program? Tell us more.

Steffen: Actually, because catalog performance in Cumulus 8 is far faster than ever, those who catalog PowerPoint presentations that are divided into individual asset records per slide, can see fantastic speed gains. In addition, we have a new built-in Image Editor that enables users to convert previews into brand new assets. So, users can use this utility to create web ready JPGs or other images from their PowerPoint slides. Or, they can even have Cumulus create watermarked variants of their presentations, saved as images or PDFs, even over the Web.

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