Made in Office: Conversation with Victor Rodriguez

Made in Office: Conversation with Victor Rodriguez

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Victor RodriguezVictor Rodriguez is the Vice President of Business Development at Made In Office, a leading provider in the development of Microsoft Office solutions. He is a twenty-year veteran in marketing and digital strategy and is responsible for the marketing and sales of Made In Office’s flagship product, empower enterprise, in North America. Victor earned an MS in Management of Technology from Polytechnic Institute of New York University. Before joining Made In Office, he was the Managing Partner in a digital marketing agency.

In this conversation, Victor talks about empower.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about your Empower slide content management solution – what motivated you to create this product?

Victor: Our empower enterprise content management system for PowerPoint was developed organically at the request of many of our clients. They were looking for functionality that PowerPoint did not offer out of the box. We, at Made In Office, have been developing custom Microsoft Office solutions for over a decade and we took that development experience and created empower v1.0 six years ago.

What you’ll find is that empower enterprise takes a holistic and practical approach to facilitating slide management, search, collaboration, productivity and brand consistency within corporations.

empower Slide Library

Geetesh: How is empower different than other similar slide management programs – what sets it apart?

Victor: First, unlike browser-based solutions you can access the slide library directly within PowerPoint as empower is an add-in. There is no need to open an additional application or browser to have access to everything that you need to create presentations. The adoption rate for our PowerPoint Ribbon is high while the user learning curve is low. In addition, empower enterprise has offline sync capabilities that lets you work offline while allowing the PowerPoint user complete access to the library.

empower Ribbon tab in PowerPoint

Second, the empower library allows an admin to bulk update a slide that is in multiple presentations without having to open each presentation in PowerPoint. It will also notify a user if he or she is opening a PowerPoint presentation that includes an old slide and start a wizard to guide them through the differences. So no more outdated versions of slides company-wide!

empower Update Notification

Lastly, in contrast to other slide management programs, empower not only supports managing existing content but helps during the entire presentation creation process: with empower’s productivity tools, you can very quickly create striking, professional and impactful presentations. And with empower’s brand consistency capabilities, all PowerPoint content will match your brand guidelines.

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