Slide Finder: Conversation with Kartik Sundar

Slide Finder: Conversation with Kartik Sundar

Created: Monday, September 26, 2022 posted by at 9:30 am

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Kartik Sundar

Kartik Sundar
Kartik Sundar is focused on helping PowerPoint users improve their productivity. As a former corporate strategy and management consultant, Kartik has firsthand knowledge of consulting, sales, and marketing workflows. In addition, he understands the process of building insightful business presentations. Kartik has leveraged this background as a co-founder at Aploris GmbH, a software firm that builds PowerPoint-focused productivity tools including Slide Finder and TeamSlide.

In this conversation, Kartik talks about Slide Finder.

Geetesh: Kartik, what is Slide Finder, and how does it work?

Kartik: Slide Finder allows users to instantly find and reuse their old slides stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. Instead of rummaging through presentations, Slide Finder surfaces the specific slides you need. You can search, preview slides, and click to insert – without leaving PowerPoint!

You can get free access to Slide Finder from Microsoft’s App Source and learn more about it on our website.

Slide Finder how it works

Slide Finder how it works

Geetesh: What motivated you to build Slide Finder and get everyday PowerPoint users to find and reuse their old slides?

Kartik: Our users consistently asked us for an efficient way to find their old slides buried in their cloud drives. They were frustrated hunting for slides and wanted a quick way to find their slides and leverage their past work when building new presentations.

At TeamSlide, our customers loved searching their corporate repositories for slides and images. However, we consistently received feedback that users wanted to reuse their personal slides in addition to exploring their firm’s knowledge assets, sales collateral, and templates.

Slide Finder by TeamSlide in PowerPoint

Slide Finder by TeamSlide in PowerPoint

Geetesh: Can you share some stories on how Slide Finder is helping PowerPoint users create better slide presentations?

Kartik: Users consistently email us to let us know how much time they save using Slide Finder. Here are a couple of recent quotes from users:

I have to say that I’m completely astonished by this tool. It has saved several hours already.

I just used TeamSlide, and I’m already a huge fan. It not only saved me hours of work but also found the best slides.

In a recent survey of an enterprise customer, 85% of users saved time every day using TeamSlide. In addition, 95% found the solution intuitive and easy to use.

Geetesh: Kartik, it’s great that you made this available for free. Can you share some thoughts?

Kartik: Slide Finder is open to new users for free for a limited amount of time, giving us time to understand to build a community across different segments. While we’ll continue to serve users who sign up now for free, we do plan on monetizing Slide Finder for users who miss this initial window.

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