TeamSlide Pro: Conversation with Kartik Sundar

TeamSlide Pro: Conversation with Kartik Sundar

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Kartik Sundar discusses TeamSlide Pro, a desktop slide search solution that keeps PowerPoint content at your fingertips.

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Kartik Sundar

Kartik Sundar
Kartik Sundar is focused on helping PowerPoint users improve their productivity. As a former corporate strategy and management consultant, Kartik has firsthand knowledge of consulting, sales, and marketing workflows. In addition, he understands the process of building insightful business presentations. Kartik has leveraged this background as a co-founder at Aploris GmbH, a software firm that builds PowerPoint-focused productivity tools.

In this conversation, Kartik discusses TeamSlide Pro, a desktop slide search solution that keeps PowerPoint content at your fingertips.

Geetesh: What does TeamSlide Pro’s desktop search product do? Please explain your takeaway idea for a novice user.

Kartik: TeamSlide Pro is a PowerPoint search tool that helps you instantly find the slide you need. It enables you to search for individual slides from across presentations in all your folders and even in your email attachments.

Instead of hunting through folders and emails to find that one slide you created last month, with TeamSlide you can search, preview, and insert individual slides all without leaving PowerPoint.

The Indezine audience can try TeamSlide Pro here.

TeamSlide Pro has two primary components:

TeamSlide Engine:  The TeamSlide engine locally indexes your PowerPoint presentations located in selected folders and email.  In addition, the engine creates preview images for all your slides.  It enables you to search across all your documents to find the specific slides you need. Note that all your content remains on your computer.

TeamSlide Engine

TeamSlide Engine

PowerPoint add-in:  The TeamSlide PowerPoint add-in is the primary user interface.  From within PowerPoint, you can search, preview, and insert slides into your active presentation.  The add-in allows you stay within your workflow and avoid disruption.

TeamSlide PowerPoint add-in

TeamSlide PowerPoint add-in

In addition to desktop search, TeamSlide offers a business product that enables users to build a shared repository or connect to an existing content system such as SharePoint, Dropbox, and Box. I have previously discussed this product with Indezine.

Geetesh: There are several slide management programs available today that work as desktop-based or cloud-based options. What sets TeamSlide Pro apart from all other products?

Kartik: At TeamSlide, our team has a unique set of business experience and technical know-how that differentiates us.

From a UI/ease-of-use perspective, our unique add-in offers incredibly easy access to your slides, and the intuitive design ensures that even PowerPoint beginners can immediately pick up TeamSlide. One customer explained to his team, “If you can use Google, you can use TeamSlide!”

Our search capabilities are built based on first-hand experience working with large repositories and also from directly speaking with users. These experiences and constant feedback have shaped our search formula and slide filtering capabilities to ensure you quickly find specific slides. For example, TeamSlide can automatically filter duplicate and title slides to clean-up search results.

Lastly, we spend time with our customers to ensure they are set up for success. Beyond just providing a tool, we work closely with our customers, sharing best practices and driving operational tasks that lead to business results.

Take a moment to try TeamSlide Pro (free) and start saving time and improving productivity.

Search, preview, and insert slides without ever leaving PowerPoint. Find individual slides from across presentations in all your folders and even in your email attachments.
TeamSlide – Instantly find your slides | TeamSlide Pro Demo

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