SlideManager New Features: Conversation with James Theall

SlideManager New Features: Conversation with James Theall

Created: Friday, April 22, 2011, posted by at 11:18 am

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James Theall James Theall is CEO of Media Marketing Inc., a Boulder, Colorado-based software and service company that creates SlideManager for PowerPoint. James leveraged his degree in advertising and design with years of experience in providing competitive sales presentations to develop a software solution that automated the selection and management of presentation elements for effective custom presentations. James remains obsessed with automating the model that shifts individuals creating their own presentations (PowerPoint’s original model) to the hub-and-spoke model that moves presentation building out into the field while maintaining knowledge, story points and design standards.

In this conversation, James discusses the new features in SlideManager.

Geetesh: What is SlideManager, and how can it help users manage their presentation slides more effectively?

James: To the presenter, the graphic SlideManager interface means you get just the slides you need for a specific job. Out of hundreds, even thousands, of slides, slides shows, and any digital collateral, SlideManager ensures every slide in each presentation is on purpose, on point, in order, on target for your specific audience, and properly branded.

To the organization, SlideManager provides methods and features to implement communication strategy. The more communication expertise you have, and the better you define what you want to say, to whom, in what situations, the more you’ll appreciate SlideManager. You set up library structure and use “story flow” features so presenters can configure a presentation in minutes that supports their specific communication objectives, even for phased presentations needs in sales, account development, and training.

To the administrator, SlideManager provides methods and features to manage communication strategy, not just slides and documents. Library structure methods and “story flow” features enable you to implement strategy and adopt strategy changes. Powerful, highly visual content management features enable you to manage content collaborators, control content access and distribution, manage branding, and manage slides, files, and documents – versions, duplication resolution, archiving. Usage tracking reports help you to streamline the work.

Geetesh: Tell us about the option to create presentations on the Apple iPad, and the other new features in this new release of SlideManager.

James: Oops, wrong slides! If you’re a presenter with an iPad, you need to be able to do more than present. You need to be able to add slides, delete slides, change out slides, and build slide presentations. With new release of SlideManager, you can do that from your iPad as well as from an internet browser.

CRM integration with is built-in within the new release of SlideManager, both technically and in terms of sales processes and workflow. If you imagine the crucial role sales presentations and proposals play in the sales process, you get the basic idea.

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