9Slides: Conversation with Ruchit Garg

9Slides: Conversation with Ruchit Garg

Created: Monday, August 6, 2012 posted by at 4:00 am

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Ruchit Garg is Founder & CEO of Seattle based 9SLIDES, an online platform which helps professionals capture and share experience of being there in the presentation room. Prior to founding 9SLIDES, Ruchit spent more than five years at Microsoft Corporation, where he most recently program managed XBOX Live and Windows Phone 7 integration.

In this conversation, Ruchit discusses 9SLIDES.

Geetesh: There are more than a dozen online presentation sites today –- so why did you create 9SLIDES? Was there something you wanted to do different and better?

Ruchit: True, there are lot of services out there today which are meant to share presentations online, but they enable sharing of slides, and not presentations. There is lot of difference between sharing slides and sharing presentations. Let’s look at the real world to understand this well. When you give presentations to a live audience, what makes you successful is your persona, your passion, and your delivery style. Slides are just a tool you use to emphasize your points and cater to people who are into reading more than hearing. But most of the online services today let you share just slides and not presentation, making your online presentations weak and ineffective.

9SLIDES allow users to capture experience of “being there” in the presentation room and share it over Internet to PC, Mac and even iPad. Synchronized video and slides enable professionals to effectively convey your message to colleagues, stakeholders and even potential customers. In three simple steps, (1) Upload, (2) Synchronize, and (3) Publish, one can create amazing interactive presentation experiences online.

We as professionals often praise the beauty of TED presentations, which comes from the wonderful content and experience created by folks who record and publish high quality video presentations. However, it costs thousands of dollars and many long weeks before one can publish those online. 9SLIDES enables professionals to create much more interactive experience at a fraction of the cost.

Upload some good content and see the magic.

Geetesh: Tell us about some user experiences at 9Slides – when have you been pleasantly surprised in ways that 9Slides has been used?

Ruchit: We see a very wide spectrum of users on 9SLIDES. On one end of the spectrum, we have Fortune 500 CEOs using our system to announce recent merger and acquisition deals, and on the other side of the spectrum we have 4th grader who is using 9SLIDES to present his classroom project.

I believe the value 9SLIDES is bringing to the table is tremendously higher than many solutions which have ever existed, and its ease of use, flexibility and affordability is what is making it very popular. People have been using it for pitching their startups, announcing new organizational changes, class room lectures, product demo and many flavors where you can think of presentation getting used.

We are very excited about response we have received from presentation professionals so far, and we have new exciting offerings hitting market this year to complement what you already see it on our website.

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