PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in: Conversation with Art Holden

PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in: Conversation with Art Holden

Created: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 posted by at 4:00 am

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Art Holden

Art HoldenArt Holden has been in the animation and presentation industry since 1996. He helped start Animation Factory in 1997, where he served as general manager for thirteen years. He currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA and works with PresenterMedia, a media content creating company.

In this conversation, Art discusses the new PowerPoint add-in from PresenterMedia that lets you search and insert visual content from within PowerPoint.

Geetesh: PresenterMedia’s new PowerPoint add-in lets you search and insert clip media right from inside PowerPoint — what motivated you to create this add-in?

Art: Creating a presentation can be time consuming and is often accompanied by stressful deadlines. We realized we could develop a tool that allows people to use PresenterMedia’s unique content to create stunning presentations even faster and easier.

The PresenterMedia add-in for PowerPoint provides convenient access to our templates, animations and clipart directly from PowerPoint. This allows you to spend more time honing your message and less time worrying about the design.

PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in

PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in

Geetesh: The add-in also allows you to change hues, sizes, and even turn off shadows on graphics — much like the abilities available on your site — tell us about some user experiences based on these capabilities.

Art: Often times presentation designers are limited in the choice of color combinations they are able to use in a presentation, or they are striving to convey a particular mood. The ability to change and customize our animations, videos and clip art allows you to match your company colors or fit the image into your existing design theme.

Using our customization tools in the PowerPoint add-in allows our users to modify our images directly inside their presentation. It gives presentation designers more control at their fingertips, and it has been very popular with our current users.

PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in

PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in

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