Brainshark’s VideoSync: Conversation with David Klein

Brainshark’s VideoSync: Conversation with David Klein

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David Klein

David KleinDavid Klein is vice president of product management at Brainshark, Inc., a leading sales enablement platform provider. Brainshark’s offerings include Brainshark On-Demand — for turning static content such as PowerPoint documents into online and mobile video presentations – and SlideShark, the award-winning app for showing PowerPoints on the iPad and iPhone. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing costs.

In this conversation, David discusses Brainshark’s VideoSync feature, a new addition — launched today — to Brainshark On-Demand.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about your new VideoSync feature, and how this allows users to combine video and slide content together?

David: Sure. We’re excited to unveil the VideoSync feature, giving users a new, powerful way to present video content and increase audience engagement.

As you know, Brainshark On-Demand makes it easy to turn PowerPoint decks into dynamic video presentations that can be viewed anytime, on-demand, from desktops, laptops and mobile devices. One Brainshark presentation is viewed every 1.6 seconds in locations all over the world! Now, when creating a Brainshark presentation, users still have the option to add narration to their content via telephone or computer microphone – or they can choose to synchronize a pre-recorded video with their slides via VideoSync.

The feature is another way to bring your slides to life. VideoSync lets you display video and slides, side-by-side, to give your audience a unique and high-impact viewing experience. For example, you could have a “talking head” video clip, subject matter expert commentary, recorded product demo or executive speech play alongside and complement your slide content.

Brainshark's VideoSync Editor

Brainshark's VideoSync Editor

VideoSync is easy to use, and Brainshark supports more than 100 different video formats. Simple drag-and-drop markers also let you synchronize on-click animations with the video content. You can also adjust the ratio of video-to-slide content – locking it in, or leaving it unlocked for your audience to adjust themselves, based on their viewing preferences.

Brainshark's VideoSync Player Mobile

Brainshark's VideoSync Player Mobile

Geetesh: VideoSync is now part of your Brainshark On-Demand product — how does this feature synergize with other offerings in the same product?

David: VideoSync is available and compatible with all the functionality that has made Brainshark On-Demand a powerful, proven enterprise solution. For example, you can still include multiple file types in presentations; add polls, quiz and/or survey questions for greater audience interaction; set completion criteria for formal eLearning and mLearning courses; track presentation viewing activity with Brainshark’s analytics; and more. Updating presentations is still very straightforward too — you can edit and replace individual slides on your presentations as needed, without changing the accompanying video content. Of course, you’re also still able to create Brainshark presentations without VideoSync, when side-by-side video and slides aren’t the appropriate format for your content.

Creating Presentation - Add Narration

Creating Presentation - Add Narration

As always, it’s great talking with you, Geetesh. Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this new feature. We’re looking forward to seeing customers implement it to further ‘wow’ their audiences, and drive interest and engagement.

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