emaze Again: Conversation with Motti Nisani

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Motti NisaniMotti Nisani is the CEO of emaze, a company that produces a tool of the same name. With emaze, you can create presentations in virtual 3D worlds or simply in slides like. He has a B.Sc. degree in Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

In this interview, Motti discusses what’s new about emaze.

Geetesh: Your Emaze product has evolved to become a viable alternative in the world of presentations. How do you position Emaze in a world populated by PowerPoints and Prezis?

Motti: I am confident to say that emaze is the best presentation platform today surpassing Prezi and PowerPoint. Emaze’s main advantage is high-end design. Each presentation looks great and unique in its experience, it can be a 3D, a video or a 2D presentation. With emaze, users cannot go wrong and create non-attractive presentations. In addition the HTML5 technology and the fact you can view the presentation on all devices desktop, tablet and mobile is a huge advantage.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about what improvements and features you are exploring for Emaze in the near future?

Motti: Our main focus now is to enable users and designers to create a custom template on emaze platform. This capability will enable us to scale very fast. Users will not have to use our pre-made templates, they can make their own. In addition designers will be able to sales services to users and companies to create unique templates according to their brand. Our plan in the near future to create a design market eco-system on emaze to connect designers and users.

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