Public Speaking Resources on Udemy: Conversation with Josh Leskar

Public Speaking Resources on Udemy: Conversation with Josh Leskar

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Josh Leskar

Josh LeskarJosh Leskar is a Marketing Specialist at Udemy — a global marketplace for teaching and learning that gives people everywhere the opportunity to advance their careers, change professions, develop a personal passion, or simply learn something new. He is passionate about changing the world of education as we know it, hoping to make it more affordable and accessible around the world. In his spare time, he is an avid baker, runner, positive peer-pressurer and former competitive public speaker.

In this conversation, Josh discusses the Public Speaking resources available on Udemy.

Geetesh: Why is Public Speaking so important? And do tell us about the resource page you created at Udemy to highlight Public Speaking?

Josh: Public speaking is one of the most valuable “life skills” someone can have: no matter what profession you enter, there are always instances where you’ll be required to speak to people. Sometimes it will be one-on-one with a manager or colleague, other times it will be in a presentation format to a group. Regardless of the scenario, it’s important to be comfortable and confident so that your message doesn’t get lost in a nervous delivery. The best part is: anyone can become a better public speaker! And that was the inspiration for our resource page.

We talked with students and professionals in the public speaking world, and the feedback we got was that people wanted to be able to see improvement more than anything else. So, we decided to find videos of some of the most famous public figures making the most common speaking mistakes, and how they have improved since then. These people weren’t always the phenomenal speakers that they are today. It takes practice and perseverance, but when you set your mind to learning a skill, anything is possible. We also wanted to address some of the common mistakes that these speakers have made in the past, and offer tips on ways to avoid them. By doing so, we can offer examples of improvement and tips on how everyone can become a better speaker.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the Public Speaking courses at Udemy – can you share some learnings from your favorites?

Josh: We have over 150 courses on public speaking, presentations and language: it’s hard to pick one! One of the best parts about our courses is that they all offer something different. There are courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced speakers; courses addressing fear and courses addressing storytelling; courses for children and courses for college students; courses for talking to a camera and courses for talking to an audience. The list is nearly limitless! I think the best learning I have is to take the course that’s right for you at your current level of comfort.

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