DesignEvo: Conversation with Henry Wong

DesignEvo: Conversation with Henry Wong

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Henry Wong

Henry WongHenry Wong, the chief development officer of PearlMountain Limited, is a dedicated graphics and software development engineer with more than 7 years experience in senior software engineering skills. He enjoys the collaborative and communicative aspects of working in this position. Henry continuously researches and tries to find simple ways to develop easy-to-use graphical applications that can help others unleash their creativity.

In this conversation, Henry discusses DesignEvo, an online app that lets you create logos.

Geetesh: Can you tell us how DesignEvo is different than other online logo creators?

Henry: First of all, we have millions of icons built in DesignEvo so that users can easily access a desired one to match with their logo theme. With 100+ stylish fonts available, we make it easy for users to quickly create an impressive and memorable brand logo with an identity that can be remembered.

Although DesignEvo is developed with a fairly straightforward interface, it contains fully customizable features. Anyone, even with no technical skills, can visit our site and make a professional logo in a few seconds.

You may have a question. What’s the pricing of DesignEvo? It’s free. Yes, it’s totally free, and there’s no download or registration required. You can download your logo image free of cost as often as you want.



Geetesh: How did DesignEvo evolve? What motivated you to create a fascinating online logo generation site?

Henry: Our company PearlMountain Limited is focused on graphic design software development since 2006, and we aim to create professional photo-editing and graphic-design programs, easily accessible to everyone.

One of our most popular apps, FotoJet, started in 2015 and has millions of users spreading over 200 countries and areas now. Generous support and encouragement have been received since FotoJet was launched, which drives us to think deeply about what else we can do for our users?

Thus, we created DesignEvo, trying to make it be a perfect solution for graphic design. The logo is a visual cornerstone of a company’s brand. An excellent logo design will not only make customers aware of a company’s brand identity, but it also establishes a good reputation and spreads the corporate culture. The truth is, logo design is not an easy thing. People always spend a lot of money and energy on professional logo design. To make this task easy, we bring you DesignEvo, allowing small business owners, startups, or entrepreneurs to create professional logos in minutes for free.



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