Pick and Apply Shape Format in PowerPoint using SlideProof: Conversation with Emilie Tanniou

Pick and Apply Shape Format in PowerPoint using SlideProof: Conversation with Emilie Tanniou

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Emilie Tanniou

Emilie TanniouEmilie Tanniou is Marketing Professional at Veodin, which is a German start-up developing productivity software. Veodin is a boutique software manufacturer focused on tools for consultants and professionals. Emilie has a background in marketing and project management. She is passionate about international marketing, customer relationship management, software and digital environment.

In this conversation, Emilie talks about the new Pick and Apply Shape Format option provided by SlideProof, a PowerPoint add-in from Veodin.

Geetesh: Can you tell us about the new Pick and Apply Shape Format options in the SlideProof add-in for PowerPoint?

Emilie: Our latest feature, Pick and Apply Shape Format allows our users to reuse the format of a shape already existing in their PowerPoint presentation. We know that when you start a presentation from scratch, a simple copy and paste of a shape will usually keep the format of this shape, but when you work on a presentation having existing content it can be pretty time-consuming. That’s why we created this tool.

With the button Pick Shape Format, you can easily choose if you want to keep the size, the position, both size and position and other formatting options such as the font color, the font size, the line spacing… Applying the chosen format is simply one-click away thanks to the button, Apply formatting. You can see more information here.

Geetesh: Please share some thoughts about how PowerPoint power users benefit from SlideProof’s productivity features such as PowerShapes, adjustment tools, etc. Can you share some feedback you have received?

Emilie: We believe that all the tools our team is building every day are making our user’s lives easier. From the Agenda to the Check, we are continuously improving our features based on our user’s feedback. At Veodin, we consider every idea. Our users are at the core of the decisions we make about new features. We would never have come this far without their feedback. We are working with a lot of consultancies, including the big 4 and we love to know that they are happy with our product and support. Two of my favorites quotes from our customers are:

Great plugin for PowerPoint that we use with every presentation because SlideProof saves us time and effort – literally hours of work every week. We have received great support and care from the SlideProof team.
– KPMG Finland

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team. SlideProof has transformed the way we work and has improved our efficiency and quality of packs – I absolutely love it!
– Partner in Performance Australia

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