Tweeting Inside PowerPoint: Conversation with Kurt Dupont

Tweeting Inside PowerPoint: Conversation with Kurt Dupont

Created: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 posted by at 9:30 am

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Kurt Dupont
Kurt Dupont is a solution provider who would go out of his way just to ensure he brings out the best when it comes to issues that has to deal with data-driven presentations, data visualization, and digital signage software. He started by working at airports worldwide to set up airport databases and flight information screens. This evolved to became the basis for PresentationPoint.

In this conversation, Kurt talks about showing tweets within PowerPoint slides.

Geetesh: Tweeting inside PowerPoint is an amazing idea. Can you share some scenarios where this sort of concept can work well, and make a difference?

Kurt: Well Geetesh, the idea of showing social media feeds, and tweets, in particular, is great for events, concerts, and exhibitions, or other places where you want to have instant and online interaction with the audience. A screen showing your tweet is the reason to stop at a company stand at an exhibition. Or maybe a social wall where you show the Twitter texts and images of that day. You can summarize a day automatically at a social drink after a conference day.

People are tweeting all the time. A quick picture of today’s food, or a speaker and there it goes viral. As an event organizer, you just have to turn on the TV and show that related info. No need to take images and organizing images anymore for a boring slideshow. The real stuff automatically shows on your screen.

Geetesh: A screen full of tweets ends up being a social media dashboard of a company’s or a brand’s presence. How much customization would DataPoint allow for such a dashboard, and can any words be filtered out?

Kurt: First of all, you subscribe to all tweets with a given related tag or keyword. If that is not enough to filter out, then there are a few options. Within DataPoint, you have the possibility to use a custom filter on top of the data that you collect. You could filter out some words that you would not like to see on a public screen. Or maybe accept messages from authorized senders only. It depends a bit on the type of event and what your audience is. But you could ask yourself, in times where presidents are Tweeting like hell, do you want to place a filter on stuff that you don’t want to see on your television channel? Instant fun is guaranteed!

So how do you get tweets to show within PowerPoint? One of the 25 data providers that DataPoint has, is a Twitter connection. You just select the Twitter data provider from the list and you set your preferred keyword.

DataPoint Connections

And typical for DataPoint, you set the automatic refresh rate of the data during the slideshow for the automatic updates.

Twitter Settings in DataPoint

Based on the choices you made, DataPoint will access tweets and display the result inside a PowerPoint slide.

Tweet in PowerPoint

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