crowdbeamer wins Best of Show at InfoComm: Conversation with Peter Ryckaert

crowdbeamer wins Best of Show at InfoComm: Conversation with Peter Ryckaert

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Peter Ryckaert

Peter Ryckaert
Peter Ryckaert has been active in the internet business since 1995, and has been recognized in 2006 as the Flemish Youth Entrepreneur. With his previous company DigiPoint he also won the Trends Gold Award for the innovative realization of a completely new remarketing platform for the automotive industry (used by General Motors). DigiPoint has long been among the top-3 internet companies in Belgium before being sold to Cegeka, a pan-European ICT group active in 11 countries. In 2015, he started the crowdbeamer venture, together with co-founder Hans Romaen.

In this conversation, Peter talks about crowdbeamer winning the Best of Show winner for Rental & Staging Systems at InfoComm 2019.

Geetesh: Peter, your product, crowdbeamer won the Best of Show winner for Rental & Staging Systems at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida. What do you believe convinced the judges about the crowdbeamer ProAV system?

Peter: Winners were selected by a panel of anonymous InfoComm members (CTS-certified) at InfoComm 2019.  On Day 1 and Day 2, the judges evaluated each product against multiple criteria including innovation; performance against category standard; richness/relevance of feature set; ease of installation/maintenance; network friendliness; and value/ROI. As crowdbeamer ProAV got the highest total points, it was designated as a winner.

We do believe that the judges were impressed by the whole crowdbeamer portfolio, which now provides a solution for any size of audience, and for any use case, whether it is a mobile situation (giving a presentation on the go), a fixed installation (meeting room or auditorium)or for a temporary event (a conference or other event). From crowdbeamer Go and Enterprise, to the newcomers Enterprise+ and ProAV, they are all compatible with one single crowdbeamer app which provides the same benefits to the participants: see the broadcasted presentation, take snapshots, zoom in to see the smallest detail, take notes and export to other business apps.

Crowdbeamer ES+ a solution for larger meeting spaces

Whereas the crowdbeamer GO and Enterprise models come with a built-in battery and antenna to provide a 100% mobile solution, the new Enterprise+ model is optimized for maximum Wi-Fi coverage.

It draws its power from an external power supply unit, or an external battery pack (optional). Thanks to its four dual-band 2.4/5GHz external antennas, Crowdbeamer Enterprise+ triples the WiFi range of the GO & Enterprise models (30+ meter radius). Crowdbeamer Enterprise+ therefore offers an attractive solution for education and training facilities at universities and in corporate environments.

Crowdbeamer ProAV a solution for AV Rental & Staging professionals

The brand-new crowdbeamer ProAV has been designed to serve the needs of AV Rental & Staging companies.  It is a ruggedized device that can be securely suspended to a stage truss, can easily cover any indoor or outdoor space by connecting multiple devices to support 1000+ simultaneously connected client devices over its built-in Wi-Fi. Its multiple networking and powering options (including PoE) deliver the flexibility, reliability, and scalability to support large-scale VIP events at challenging locations and international conferences.

“This was a rich field of submitted nominations, reflecting the breadth of engineering, R&D, and UX talent we have in this industry,” says SVC editor Cynthia Wisehart, “Congratulations to the winning team of crowdbeamer. I look forward to seeing their solution at work across our markets.”

Geetesh: We spoke earlier this year about crowdbeamer. Can you share some usage scenarios, and how you are evolving the product based on user feedback?

Peter: More and more crowdbeamer is being used in education (high schools, university colleges and universities), especially in circumstances where they want to give a presentation in a certain context (for instance an art course in a museum), in places where there is no access to classic presentation equipment (for instance outside the classroom), or when they want to give a presentation in a different way (for instance in a discussion group, a campfire session, …).

Related to this usage scenario, but from a corporate perspective, are the training rooms. Not only for classic training sessions, but also for hands-on setups, where people are trained to use specific equipment. The explanation is then given next to the equipment involved, and the presentation can be followed at the same location, directly on the personal devices.

Another market that we see trending is related to court rooms. There they present witness material directly onto tablets instead of printing out the material, saving valuable time and resources.

We also have great feedback from visually impaired people, who now have a close and clear view on the presentation. Again, ideal for education and organizers of seminars and conferences.

As crowdbeamer is a growing platform, we take great care in listening to the feedback we receive from customers. The firmware is continuously being improved. Latest additions are for instance the possibility for participants to keep a connection with the internet (even when connected to the crowdbeamer’s Wi-Fi signal), remote management of the crowdbeamer devices via an API, more available Wi-Fi channels to improve the broadcast quality, the possibility to use multiple crowdbeamers in a network to span larger areas (and hence the development of Enterprise+ and ProAV).

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