Presentation Summit 2019: Conversation with John Baluka

Presentation Summit 2019: Conversation with John Baluka

Created: Tuesday, July 2, 2019, posted by at 9:45 am

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John Baluka
John Baluka has been developing software with the Microsoft stack for 25+ years. For most of the last 10 years, John has been a consultant, business owner, and a Dad. John enjoys researching and applying new technologies to real world examples.

In this conversation, Rick talks about the Presentation Summit, being held in San Antonio, TX this year from October 6 to 9, 2019.

Geetesh: John, your session at the upcoming Presentation Summit is on Agile Documentation. Can you tell us more about this session, and what according to you, is the most important takeaway for attendees?

John: The most important takeaway will be the discovery of how PowerPoint is the only tool that currently can publish content that someone can read, listen, or watch. A PowerPoint presentation contains the meta data in order to produce a video or a web-based article that can engage the reader better than any other blogging platform today with the use of some free tools.

Geetesh: You are also involved with the programmability aspect of PowerPoint. What, according to you, is the best first step for wannabe programmers with zero experience to get started with PowerPoint programming?

John: First, I recommend programming to PowerPoint outside of the presentation file in order to get better code reuse, also one can continue to distribute the presentation file as a .pptx file rather than a .pptm file which can cause some security concerns.

Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is still the easiest way to automate PowerPoint. One can also create an application in .NET to automate PowerPoint. For where to use VBA to control PowerPoint, I recommend Microsoft Access. In Microsoft Access, you can easily create an application to automate PowerPoint with VBA along with other data driven aspects. Some of these aspects will be demonstrated in my talk.

However, to truly answer your question, I have not found an online course that specifically focuses on programming to PowerPoint. I would start with understanding of how to use VBA from Microsoft Access. Once that is understood, then I would look at the PowerPoint object model documentation to see what is possible to automate.

Get the most out of Microsoft Access with VBA

Microsoft Docs – Object model (PowerPoint)

This article shows how to control (automate) PowerPoint from a different application like Microsoft Access.

Open a PowerPoint Presentation using VBA Late Binding

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What is the Presentation Summit?

Presentation Summit 2019

For nearly two decades, Rick Altman has been hosting the Presentation Summit, a highly popular event that is geared towards users of PowerPoint and other presentation platforms. is the official Media Partner for the Presentation Summit.

Date: October 6 to 9, 2019

Location: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, San Antonio, TX, United States

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