Presentation Masala: Conversation with Vivek Singh

Presentation Masala: Conversation with Vivek Singh

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Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh is a professional presentation designer. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he worked in sales and marketing for 10 years before starting off on his own in January 2015. He runs his own presentation design firm Jazz Factory, and helps clients tell better stories to their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

In his conversation, Vivek talks about his new book, Presentation Masala.

Geetesh: Vivek, please tell us about your new book, Presentation Masala. What motivated you to write this book, and whom is it intended for?

Vivek: Presentation Masala is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare your message, design your slides and deliver your presentation with confidence.

My book is ideal for young managers who want to grow in their careers. It is a book for those who are not experienced at presenting and want to understand what goes into making an effective business presentation.

Presentation MasalaMy motivation is my own journey in the corporate world, where like any other manager, I also attended hundreds of presentations. Most of these presentations were boring but the presenters themselves were not. They were actually hard-working people who knew a lot about their topic. But their misconceptions about what makes a good presentation were leading them astray. Months of hard work were failing to impress the management because their poor soft skill was shadowing their command over their hard skills. I wish to help such people understand what actually goes into making a good presentation. It is much simpler than they think.

Geetesh: What, according to you is fundamentally wrong with presentations most people create these days? What is it that they can do to improve their presentations?

Vivek: People are busy and most presentations are made right before the deadline, leaving no time for rehearsals. That affects the overall experience of the audience. Practicing a presentation before delivering irons out issues with your flow, allows you to find flaws in your arguments and enhances the confidence of the presenter. It gives you a chance to relook at the presentation before facing the audience. The solution is to create your slides well ahead of the deadline and rehearse. Do this for your high-stakes presentations.

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